NEW Music To End May

  • Youthful yet polished, energetic, and quirky,  Austin-based indie rock quartet, Trace of Lime, announce their single, “Creature of Habit,” out on all streaming platforms on May 22, 2020.  Central songwriter, Jordan Karam reflects, “The song reflects on my own struggle to accept an end and serves as a reminder that nothing can be done to stop it from coming. I find a lot of inspiration from progressive ideas and admire the people that push the boundaries of what is regular. I’m a big fan of an underdog and their come-up in the scene. The words slipped out somewhere between 2 and 6 A.M and were written onto the wall of a hot shower.” “With it starting to feel more like summer, Austin, Texas’ Trace of Lime have dropped their brand new tune “Creature of Habit,” a song fit for the changing of the seasons, with its fun, bouncy rhythm and positive-sounding vibes.” (V13.netLISTEN TO “CREATURE OF HABIT”
  • Washington DC-based, Experimental-Pop architects, The North Country, announce their video, “Open for Business ” a follow up to their video, “Starting Over,” and single “Freaks.”  The band have also announced their forthcoming album America and Afterwards, out on June 26, 2020.  The North Country describe “Open For Business” “The story begins with the character scrolling through Instagram and listening to The North Country. As they start off on their walk, they find a colorful digital blog on the ground. The walker strolls through the city playing with their blob, finding a second, and their phone triggers new visual response to the blob. The dynamism of the song is an ideal accompaniment to the freedom of the imagery. There are three layers to the video: Real-life shot on a go-pro. Colors from an analog video synthesizer system where color is coded to each piece of the instrumentation (sax, drums, guitar). And a liquid light show with oil, dye, water projected over an overhead projector.So what does it all mean? In this modern world, as we wander through the world our digital life is always bleeding into our presence to the point that they’re becoming indistinguishable.” “Each track on the album contains a story that transports fans into a different point of view and is an honest look at the present and a hopeful look to the future.” (Substream Magazine)Watch “Open For Business” 
  • Portland-based, Sci-Fi-influenced, experimental indie rock project, Baron Minker, has laid out something even deeper to cater to the somnolence of robots. The alias for songwriter, Dane Erik Forst, announces  his video, “How to Avoid Japan,” from his forthcoming self-titled album, due out June 5, 2020. Commenting on the track/video,  Forst states, “This feels like my only real politically-leaning song that is directly aimed at those who subjugate the weak and use them for their own means. The chorus is meant to be from the perspective of those abusing power and seeing humans as less than cogs in the machine. Religious figures misleading people with the help of government to trounce on those less fortunate and making outrageous amounts of money doing so.” “A complex song…is about as experimental as it gets. It has a trippy sound and vibe to it, which is reinforced by the colourful new music video. The sole purpose; however, is not to just make you feel like you’ve gone to a club and you’ve had way too much to drink. Thematically, it’s the only political-type song that you’ll find on Minker’s new record, directly targeting society’s elites who abuse power and view certain classes of people as only a means to an end or of lesser importance.” (  “ Baron Minker keeps the momentum going for his forthcoming project with the huge follow-up visual, titled, “How To Avoid Japan.” Driven by social studies, the rising star doubles down on a political sound that you can dance to and be so hypnotized.” (Substream MagazineWatch “How to Avoid Japan” 
  • Los Angeles-based, grunge/rock revivalists, Broken Machine, announce “Fly Me to the Sun,” title track to their forthcoming EP, due out July 10, 2020.Central figure and songwriter/vocalist, Schyler Douglas, states that the song is about  “taking LSD and going through the transformation of shedding one’s own skin: burning everything that was oneself and remembering one’s unity with the universe.” Additionally, the song and EP hold weight for the band in that they are looking to exhume grunge rock and rekindle an appreciation  for melodies, harmonies, meaningful lyrics, and real instruments. With a past stained by indulgence, debauchery, and substance abuse, Broken Machine channel their inner demons into their brand of brooding Post Grunge. Produced by Elliot Lanam and Broken Machine and mixed by legendary American record producer, Dave Fortman (Evanescence, Slipknot) and Mastered by Ted Jensen (Green Day/Alter Bridge), the EP shines in both compositional talent and production value. Broken Machine take pride in their ‘one take’ approach that refrains from production flattery and autotune gimmicks, which many would argue is a breath of fresh air.  “The song is a groovy, grungy trip that seems to nod to two of our favorite decades – the sixties and the nineties – with its sinuous melody and the power of their rhythm section. It’s fresh in its own right too; catchy and expansive in a way that would make you crank up the volume if it came on the radio.” (Pancakes and WhiskeyLISTEN TO “FLY ME TO THE SUN”
  • Soul/indie rock vocalist and guitarist Jo James announces the title trackfrom his forthcoming album Back Home, due out June 19, 2020 . The Austin-based songwriter delivers smooth grooves and soulful vocal expressions with a touch of blues guitar. From heavy-hitting stages to intimate heartfelt performances, Jo James continues to captivate audiences in a powerful way. His new single  is no exception. “Now, more than ever, we need music to lift our spirits. As we live through these uncertain times, music brings comfort that’s hard to describe. Luckily, Jo James has captured that in his latest single, ‘Back Home.'”( Pop Culturalist) Incorporating Blues, Neo Soul, R&B, and Funk into a neo-retro sound, he has performed at festivals with greats like Leon Russell, Dr John, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, and Robert Randolph. He was also a featured performer on Season 17 of NBC’s The Voice, on which judge John Legend raved, “Great raw talent and voice is lovely to listen to.” The album Back Home, itself, is an homage to his wife, Chelsea, who in September 2019 was impacted in a very serious way by Ulcerative Colitis. LISTEN TO “BACK HOME” 
  • Austin-based alt-rock quartet, The Dragon Berries, announce their new single, “Nectarine,” From their upcoming EP,  And The Moon Turned Red out July 10, 2020.  The new release emphasizes the importance of self-worth and overcoming depression and anxiety, intertwined in a track composed of anthemic rap rock with a dance-inducing vibe. “Make no mistake about it, the motivation behind “Nectarine” is placed squarely upon the group’s motive to inspire. This is no downer of a song; it’s meant to be uplifting despite the serious tone of the lyrics. You can hear the enriching spirit of the song in the funky sounding verses and the overall anthemic aspect of it despite some of the seriousness attached to the verses that deal with overcoming the obstacles of depression and anxiety.)The band elaborates, “‘Nectarine’ is a song about the internal struggles we face within ourselves. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies by having negative thoughts and emotions, and it can be very difficult to ignore this constant chatter in our minds. The song details ways to overcome these challenges such as pursuing your passion, making choices for yourself without regret, and self reflection. Rather than external forces, such as society or other people bringing us down, it’s simply our own thoughts.” LISTEN TO “NECTARINE” 
  • Indie psych/pop/rock artist, Cate Von Csoke announces her new single, “Dream Around” from her upcoming album Almoon, due out June 5, 2020. The Australian-born, Brooklyn-based songwriter showcases a cinematic, ethereal, and raw soundscape, transporting listeners on a psychedelic guitar-driven trip through the desertscapes of the US and her native Australia.  “The single is a hazy, psychedelic interlude that conjures up visions of lovers entwined in the back seat of a car; the rest of the journey on hold for a moment…the desert’s answer to Lana Del Rey, dressed in all white, is delightfully mercurial in her promo pictures. The style is familiar, the music nostalgic, a much-needed dalliance with a simpler time.” (Audiofemme) The album was produced by Jared Artaud of The Vacant Lots and engineered by Grammy award-winner Ted Young (The Rolling Stones, Kurt Vile), with all songwriting, vocals and guitars by Von Csoke. The album’s opening track, “Coyote Cry,” written earlier in the year during a stint in the Mojave Desert, was released in 2019 as an introduction to the upcoming record.   LISTEN TO “DREAM AROUND”
  • Austin-based, indie rock/electric soul artist and NFL player, Joe Barksdale announces  his video  “BLACK MAJIK”, from his upcoming release, Sincerely, due out Fall  2020. A former NFL player for the Oakland Raiders, Los Angeles Rams and San Diego Chargers,  Barksdale has been featured in articles for sites, such as ESPN,  ““Black Majik”—a funky, bluesy track carried by smooth guitar licks and Barksdale’s powerful voice. The song’s an ode to overcoming our deepest temptations.” (Austin Monthly) The Los Angeles Times, Fender,  San Diego Tribune, and CBS Sports, among others. Barksdale describes “Black Majik:” “The song is about temptation. It’s about fighting temptations, and the struggle of realizing that something is not good for you, but also acknowledging that it feels/tastes/sounds/etc so good to you. It’s a struggle that people are familiar with and something that people go through on a daily basis.” “Black Majik” provides a heavy dose of gritty blues with a traditional call-and-response interplay between the straightforward lyrics and the infectious, wah-heavy guitar riff. The song is a steering-wheel-palm-slapper for anyone driving around at night trying to resist the tornado of temptation that’s sometimes just a phone call away.” (American SongwriterWATCH  “BLACK MAJIK”
  • Indie-Americana, folk-rock artists, Luke Dowler, announces his stripped-down, emotive rendition of Prince’s “1999.” “Dowler’s version of the track–premiering below with an accompanying video–is more folk than funk. It’s a stripped-down, guitar-driven homage to Prince’s original that feels more well-suited for the campfire than the dance floor. Dowler sings of “partying like it’s 1999,” but he’s not quite endorsing that. For him, the song is about staying grounded during a difficult time.” (American Songwriter) The Montana-based, vocalist/guitarist was named  “an artist you should be listening to” by Paste Magazine, and featured on HGTV, Without A Trace, Heartland, and used in several independent films. Beyond touring and recording, Dowler has also composed for film and documentaries (Finding Faeries, 2016; The Forlorned, 2017; Afterlight, 2018).On the strength of his original songwriting, Dowler represented Montana as the state winner of the Colgate Country music showdown. Now, Dowler is planning release throughout 2020, starting with “1999,” a timeless song that applies to today’s trying times.  Dowler will be be doing several live streams in the coming months .His schedule is HERE!  Watch “1999″
  • Washington DC-based, soul/funk project, Summer Dennis & Rhymes announce the dynamic and sultry video “Indelible” from their new album, Second Summer.  “In the case of Summer Dennis & Rhymes and their new song “Indelible”, the feelings were a mixture of power, confidence, dance, and unexplainable energy.” (Popular TV) “The single is an unforgettable funk record that sees singer Dennis give thanks for the simplest things in life with a passionate vocal performance over a smooth groovy backdrop.” (Broken 8 Records)    Rhymes have acquired media accolades, including appearances on EARMILK, Soulbounce, Celebmix, Great Day Washington, and Blog Talk Radio. “The classically trained artist displays the full range of her power with her gripping melody which enhances the uplifting vibe of the track as she gives thanks for all the simple things in life.” (The Word is Bond) WATCH “INDELIBLE” 
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