New Mexico pop-punk act Savings Drops New Single & Shares Influences & Inspiration Exclusively With Rock ‘N’ Load

New Mexico pop-punk act Savings has dropped thoughtful and moreish new single, “I Found a Date for the Holidays (Maybe)”.



“The new track is a mixture of me battling with my own attachment styles and mental wellbeing, all wrapped up within a story about a girl I don’t even speak to anymore” explains Wilmot

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Going by the stage name Savings, Sam Wilmot is an alternative rock/pop-punk artist based out of Alburquerque, New Mexico.

Wilmot deploys a smart and immersive blend of pop-punk stylings, nodding to the 00s purveyors of the genre, nu punk and shading the sound with elements of Midwest emo. Subsequently, the end-product is an emotionally charged, hook-laden affair with vulnerable lyricism and soaring choruses.

Since the project’s inception in 2020, Wilmot has drawn on inspiration from the likes of Free Throw, Neck Deep, Hot Mulligan and Movements. Singles such as “Drown”, “I Hope November Hurts for You” and “Cheers”, featuring Right On, Kid’s Zach Rose have shown Savings’ articulate and highly engaging alternative sound.

New single “I Found a Date for the Holidays, Maybe”, is a heart-on-sleeve, introspective offering, touching on subjects of mental health, as Savings continues his batch of scintillating 2022 singles.

Listen to Savings’ new single, “I Found a Date for the Holidays (Maybe)”.

Rock ‘N’ Load Caught Up With Savings (Sam Wilmot) To Chat About His Influences & Inspiration To Date: 

For starters I think I like to pull from a variety of bands for influence. Whether it be lyrical or instrumental I’m always finding new ways to improve or to find inspiration for new music. One band in particular that influences the writing portion of the music is The Wonder Years. Dan Campbell is a phenomenal writer and I love the way he captivates a story within his lyrics. So I’d definitely say him and his band are a huge influence.

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Another band that I pull influence from both lyrically and instrumentally is Hot Mulligan. I first found them back in 2021 and immediately fell in love with their blend of midwest emo riffs and pop punk melodies. I definitely look to those guys for inspiration and even more so now for writing this new project we’re working on.

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Another band in particular that I pull inspiration from a lot is The Story So Far, and not even in the musical sense so much. Of course I love their music and what they put out, but subjectively I love Parker Cannon and the way he puts on a show. Seeing him perform live sparked a lot of creativity and inspiration on how I can carry myself on stage and really come to my own within my stage presence.

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Another huge band that I point to in terms of writing is Modern Baseball. I absolutely love everything they do. From what they put out, the shows they put on and their overall aesthetic. In specific to this single that I just put out, “I found a date for the holidays (maybe)”; we pulled a lot of our quirky melodies and genre blending so to speak from those guys. Overall pulling inspo from mobo is a huge understatement, we cover a lot of their songs at gigs haha.

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Lastly, one band I look up to in particular is Movements. From their music and lyrics all the way down to how much emotion is conveyed in both listening and at live shows. Patrick, the lead singer of Movements, writes incredibly vulnerable lyrics that allow the fans to really connect with him and the band on a personal level. I’d like to think that some of the stuff that I write conveys that sort of message. Especially with this new single. Nonetheless, I’m always looking for new art to pull inspiration from whether it be music, movies, interviews, etc.

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