New Mexico Heavy Rockers BLUE HERON Emerge from the Desert with Debut EP

New Mexico’s BLUE HERON Emerge From the Desert with BLACK BLOOD OF THE EARTH / A SUNKEN PLACE EP

Heavy desert rockers present live performance music video in advance of self-releasing their two-song debut, as well as appearing on Magnetic Eye Records‘ upcoming Best of AC/DC [Redux]

For decades, bands across the planet have been driven by a deep and almost mystical fascination with the desert.  Formed in 2018, BLUE HERON is a heavy rock band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose firsthand relationship with the desert is inextricable from who they are and the music they create.

Surrounded by endless horizons which spark a compulsion to fill the vastness with massive volume, Blue Heron saturate their piece of desert with rolling, thunderous riffs, drums that pummel and swing, deep, thrumming tones and vocals that rip and roar.

Blue Heron’s guitarist and singer were founding members of Spiritu, possibly Albuquerque’s first desert-style rock band, who burned briefly yet brightly with a Jack Endino-produced debut LP, a European tour with Clutch, Spiritual Beggars and Dozer, and a compilation slot next to Entombed and Mastodon.

On October 14th, Blue Heron debuted their live performance video for Black Blood of the Earth via The Obelisk at this location.  Commenting on it, they say:

“Every new band has that song that comes together and it finally feels like you’re not searching for your sound anymore, and this was that song for us. It morphed and changed a bunch of times and runs the spectrum of what we do, from sludge on steroids to spacey melodies to a sick goddamn breakdown that we don’t ever get tired of. As a way to announce ourselves to the world, it’s pretty perfect, a massive, balls-out mini-epic straight from the New Mexico desert.”

Blue Heron will self-release Black Blood of the Earth / A Sunken Place on 7-inch vinyl and digital formats on December 3rd.

They also contributed a track to Magnetic Eye Records‘ forthcoming Best of AC/DC [Redux], which arrives on Dec. 3rd as well and sees the band appear alongside Supersuckers, Domkraft, Witchskull and many more.

Blue Heron has completed work on their debut album, Ephemeral, and are currently speaking with interested labels.

BLUE HERON Black Blood of the Earth / A Sunken Place arrives December 3rd, 2021.

Preorders for Black Blood of the Earth / A Sunken Place on limited edition 7-inch vinyl and digital are available at:

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