New London Fire release indie folk-rock
single “Tired Of This Man” reflecting on uncertainly, frustration and loss

Single & title track off upcoming full-length, out later this month; premiered on Spill Magazine

ASBURY PARK, NJ | OCTOBER 5, 2018 – Versatile indie project New London Fire released a powerful folk-rock single “Tired Of This Man” today. As the first single and title track off the band’s upcoming album Tired Of This Man, it showcases a powerful reflection of questioning, frustration, and loss. It premiered on Spill Magazine. Led by David Debiak (Sleep StationElectric Century), New London Fire continues their exploration of storytelling through folk-rock, Americana, and singer-songwriter roots, presenting fresh, authentic, and intimately personal tunes.

Opening with a bright hint of trumpets, “Tired Of This Man” has a upbeat and poppy sound, but it’s lyrics reveal a more somber view of regrets, frustration, and reflection. Lead vocalist and frontman David Debiak shared, “The song’s lyrics were crafted to tackle themes of uncertainty, frustration, and the loss of an important relationship.” Taking you on a journey, the song speaks to anyone who has ever experienced heartache or unsalvageable relationship, finding themselves on two sides of a divide.

The single was recorded over the course of year by Debiak and long-time producers and collaborators Ryan Ball (bass, guitar) and D. James Goodwin (drums) at the Gearbox Recording Studio in Paramus, New Jersey. Rich Polatchek, who played drums and trumpet on the first New London Fire record, joined once more to provide trumpet. “Tired Of This Man” comes as the lead single and title track off the band’s upcoming album Tired Of This Man, scheduled for release on October 26, 2018. The album delves further on personal reflections, as well as cultural and political influences stemming from the 2016 election and first two years of President Trump’s time in office.

The release comes as the first new music from New London Fire since their 2015 album Echoes In the Dark, and continues their natural progression towards folk and Americana-styled storytelling and musical influences. The band’s 2006 debut album, I Sing the Body Holographic (Eyeball Records), originated in electro-pop and indie-rock influences. A full-time musician, Debiak covers a wide range of genres and musical talent; he also writes and performs in Sleep Station and Electric Century.

“Tired Of This Man” is available digitally on all major platforms today, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. The full album Tired Of This Man will be available everywhere digitally on October 26, 2018.

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Since 2005, New Jersey indie-rock frontman David Debiak has lead New London Fire through a variety of sounds and genres. However, within the past decade, the band has largely shifted towards more of it’s classic folk inspiration when crafting their records, riding upon Americana-driven storytelling for their latest two releases, 2012’s The Dirt, the Blood, the Faith and 2015’s, Echoes in the Dark. The project’s latest effort, Tired of This Man, was written and recorded within the first two years of the Trump administration’s Orwellian-esque rule. The songs call to the people to take action while reminding them of their American roots, through tales of freedom, the struggles of past immigrants, and stories for overcoming our darkest hours. The band’s latest is set for release on October 26, 2018.

Debiak is also a member of Sleep Station and Electric Century.

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