New London Fire reflects on modern America with folk-rock album Tired Of This Man

Authentic & personal folk-rock and Americana tunes inspire reflection, action and unity

ASBURY PARK, NJ | OCTOBER 26, 2018 – It’s no secret that modern America faces a divide – politically, culturally, and socially across a number of topics in an increasingly volatile time. New London Fire‘s album Tired Of This Man confronts these differences, bringing reflection and reminding that we all share the same roots. Fresh, authentic, and intimately personal, the ten-track folk-rock release provides a catalyst for action, discussion, and ultimately union.

Reflecting heavily on the political and cultural influences of the 2016 election and first two years of President Trump’s time in office, Tired Of This Man provides a mirror to the state of modern America. The Deli Magazine, who premiered the release, noted that it works to “revive a grounded sense of Americanism, one not bolstered by blind exceptionalism but instead a celebration of America as a sum of its many different and diverse parts.” Frontman David Debiak shared that the political nature of the music was natural and cathartic. “There’s a place for calling out what’s happening by name and being very specific about the many policies you may be having a problem with. We wanted to remind people of the importance of unions, of sticking together in protest, of what war looks like on the psyche…. we felt that this style of music would facilitate that.” Emotive lyrics and instrumental layers remain open to interpretation, but inspire contemplation of America’s roots and values as they tell tales of freedom, the struggles of past immigrants, and stories for overcoming dark hours. Through these messages, an empowering unity and call for action is found. “I hope people feel the same kind of kinship with the music that they once did with Phil Ochs or Woody Guthrie,” said Debiak. “I hope they can relate to it through the music we’ve created.”

Tired Of This Man follows the band’s 2015 release Echoes in the Dark. New London Fire has continued to delve into classic folk and Americana roots. “We definitely wanted to do more traditional folk songs with this new effort, mixed in with some songs that don’t go down that road,” said Debiak.  “We had fun mixing in the fiddle and trumpets; we wanted to keep it simple but be more expansive.” Known for his work in indie-rock band Sleep Station and electronic-rock duo Electric Century, Debiak has worked across a range of musical projects, never defining or limiting himself to a particular genre or trend. “I think it’s always been natural for me to find a different way to write and to immerse myself in it,” he mused. “This may or may not have hurt me over the years but I don’t really care because I get bored very easily and need to find ways to keep myself engaged and creatively satisfied.”

New London Fire hired artist Stephen Wuensch for a custom painted album cover. Wuensch took his own creative inspiration from the music, to further emphasize the political and societal messages. “The image shows Bruce Springsteen erased from the cover of his album Born in the USA,” explained Wuensch. “While the Boss fades into the background, the alternating red and white pattern comes forward. He becomes it. Completes it. Born in the USA was hijacked and used as a statement of patriotism but was, in reality, a critique of Vietnam and Reagan era politics. The act of erasing the Boss, the heroic figure – the soldier – is akin to killing ones father. Its like smashing Michelangelo’s David or hanging an American flag upside down. It’s an act of love. When building something does not give us an effective voice, destruction starts to feel like a viable creative outlet. In this way it can also be read as pushing the idea of disillusionment to the extreme. To connect the track “Tired of This Man” to the sense that Born in the USA had layers of meaning, you might be tempted to believe that its Springsteen himself we’re tired of. But Bruce stands in for the commander in chief, and delivers this message: there is no safe space.”

Tired Of This Man is out digitally everywhere today including Spotify, Bandcamp, and Apple Music.

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