New Junk City - Same Places - Album Review
New Junk City - Same Places - Album Review 8
New Junk City - Same Places - Album Review 8
New Junk City - Same Places - Album Review 8
New Junk City - Same Places - Album Review 8
New Junk City - Same Places - Album Review 8
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New Junk City ​are due to release their full length album on October 12th.​ Same Places ​is the bands first album to be released through ​Real Ghost Records​. Described as “music for old punx” the band have a real sense of that hard paced sound.

Same Places ​is a fast paced album laced with melodic riffs and gravelly vocals. Each track is high energy powered to leave you with that pumped up feeling. There is a sense of the early days of ​The Offspring​ however the band have very clearly forged their own sound. With tracks like “Stay Asleep” having a more pop punk vibe with its lighter vocal sound are a contrast to those heavier punk sounding tracks such as”Half Life”. While “Losing Side” which has a more distorted sound is the perfect example of those more melodic riffs. Their lyrics discuss the trials of aging that are relatable and give a real sense of who the band are as a whole.The band have clearly explored with their sound to create something that can appeal to a wider audience range. They have managed to play with different sounds and styles to bring something together that is their own.

New Junk City have created an album that may well be described as “old punx” music but has that edge that brings them to appeal to all fans of differing punk styles.


Same Places will be available on 12inch vinyl and digital download via all usual retailers from the 12th October 2018 through Real Ghost Records. Pre-order:






1.Useless Friends
2. High in the Morning 3. Half Life
4. Stay Asleep
5. Losing Side
6. Come Tomorrow
7. Coffee Mug
8. In Our Blood
9. Nothing Waiting


New Junk City on tour:

06 Oct – USA – Atlanta, The Earl
28 Oct – USA – Gainsville, The Fest @ Rockys Piano Bar

UK/EU Shows TBA for Spring 2019

New Junk City online:


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