New album SPARKS

Sparks, my lively, feel-good album, is rocking good vibes. 

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The nine tracks are co-written with Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar, The Glorious Sons, The Trews, Reel Big Fish) who also produced it. You’ll hear my usual Southern rock vibes combined with classic rock influences and contemporary country sounds. 

Although Sparks is not a 70s revival, I really wanted to capture the magic and scent that lives on old records which instantly take you to a dreamy, bigger-than-life world. I felt inspired by the feeling I used to get as a kid, listening to all of my heroes.

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“Feels So Real” is a poetic song that talks about finding strength to carry on. There is always a way, and a person that can help you; in love, in friendships and in life in general. I felt alone for a while, and one day I found myself having a conversation on the phone with a friend who was not doing well. I suddenly realized that sometimes we create a lonely world inside our brains, and everything starts to feel so real… but it’s not everybody’s reality. When you’ve got nothing left, you’ve got nothing to hide.

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Gordie really dug deep into my roots, to be sure to get the purest form of Ricky Paquette and he did a great job to bring out some stuff out of me that you never heard before! 

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