NEOFELIS NEBULOSA Shares Video for “No One’s Gonna Save You”

NEOFELIS NEBULOSA Shares Video for “No One’s Gonna Save You”

French-based post-grunge outfit NEOFELIS NEBULOSA recently unleashed this past January his debut record titled EP 1. A video is available for the song “No One’s Gonna Save You” – watch it here! //

The lyrics explored on the song are actually quite personal and deal with a period of depression in which Philippe, singer and founder of the band, fell a few years ago. The video portrays a man floating in a suspended and indefinite dimension – a clear metaphor for depression – without any inclination to emerge and save himself. However, as already happened for the “Crazy World” video, here too the only lifeline is represented by your desire to get up and give yourself a new chance.

Melodic and captivating with a good blend of rock styles, NEOFELIS NEBULOSA is recommended for fans of Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.

EP 1 is available at the following stores:

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Track Listing:

  1. Crazy World (3:30)
  2. No One’s Gonna Save You (5:11)
  3. Drive (3:30)


Philippe – Lead singer/Rhythm guitar

Clément – Lead guitar

Damien – Bass

Thomas – Drums/Mix


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Philippe, the actual lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter started NEOFELIS NEBULOSA alone after falling into a deep depression. But as usual, music saved his life once again.

As he thought his music could be much better with some musicians, Philippe decided to create a band because there is nothing better than playing with other people. Indeed, music is about the freedom to create and the pleasure to share with others. He was quickly joined by Damien, the bassist and old friend of him, then by Clement, an awesome lead guitarist, and finally by Thomas, a crazy drummer.

These four guys became much more than just musicians playing together, they became friends and finally a real family! So, in 2019, NEOFELIS NEBULOSA was born and this project is alive thanks to all of you!

Their main influences are Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, Iron Maiden, Soundgarden, so their music can be defined as Post-grunge. The mood of their lyrics is the chaos of the world we live in.. NEOFELIS NEBULOSA means Rock’N’Roll!!!