We’re proud to release the third album from Spanish depressive black metal wraiths Negativa (now featuring H.V. of Wormlust/Mystískaos fame on vocals). Limited to 100 pro-dubbed white cassette tapes, this new album sees the band’s signature sound perfectly preserved as they tread their staple terrain with new found grimness: total dehumanization, and disintegration of the I, through the unquenchable adoration of the void.

Tracks from the album have been premiered in the last month by No Clean Singing, Toilet ov Hell, and Indy Metal Vault, while the full album was premiered by CVLT Nation – with all outlets lauding and applauding the bands stripped down but dense and enveloping approach to raw and miserable black metal. As a result of the staggering quality of the music, the limited cassette tape released by Sentient Ruin was sold out in a mere three weeks.

Spanish Depressive black metal wraiths Negativa started at the end of 2011 as a solo act of DB. The idea behind the project was that of remaining coherent to the dogmas of the most hermetic and anticosmic black metal – depersonalization, dehumanization, total loss of self – while also transfiguring inner thoughts and feelings of dismal negativity, dread and insurmountable misery into some kind of outer and manifest personal nightmare which would serve as a vehicle or conduit for catharsis and purification of its creator’s wretched inner torments.

As such the name Negativa was chosen, and work commenced on a black metal project which would live and exist under the iron fist of misery and dread. DR soon joined as the vocalist and the first split release with fellow Spanish depressive black metal specters Atrabilis came out in 2012. Negativa then worked on a few more splits with Atrabils and on their own proper debut EP 01, until the first Negativa full-length album titled simply 02 saw the light in early 2017. Icelandic musician HV (of Wormlust/Mystískaos fame) then joined on vocals for the second full length album titled 03, recorded in 2018 and released as a limited cassette though Sentient Ruin. A CD version was released in the USA through Nebular Carcoma Records.

As is tradition with orthodox depressive black metal, the project is completely dehumanized and depersonalized, hinting at fewest human sphere elements as possible and deliberately ignoring the personal elements of the project like band members, lyrics, etc. Thus, no other information exists about Negativa aside from what is reported herein. However, the music is highly expressive and evocative, meant to be the only voice and “carnal” manifestation of the entity which has declared its existence, and only manifestation of its wretched existence and of its undying adoration for the void.


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