Necrotted // Die For Something Worthwhile // EP review
Necrotted // Die For Something Worthwhile // EP review7
Necrotted // Die For Something Worthwhile // EP review7
Necrotted // Die For Something Worthwhile // EP review7
Necrotted // Die For Something Worthwhile // EP review7
Necrotted // Die For Something Worthwhile // EP review7
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Formed in 2008 in Abtsgmünd, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Necrotted released their initial EP in 2010 which was followed by 3 full length albums, the most recent of which was the 2017 release Worldwide Warfare.

Die For Something Worthwhile precedes the Prayer For Annihilation Tour in Europe with Cytotoxin, I Declare War and Acranius and these new tracks will provide the opportunity for fans to experience some new brutality throughout the set list.

The EP clocks in at 4 tracks spanning 14 minutes, however there isn’t a second wasted as the brutality starts immediately with the title track as the guitars chop across the wavelength and the extreme dual vocal takes to the fore, as Necrotted begin to slap perfectly and you begin to stomp along. Matched with brutal breakdowns and blistering blast beats, this certainly wakes up the brain.

‘Eudaimonia’ swiftly follows with its deep and down tuned bottom end and rapid fire beats to battle with the chainsaw guitars and the vocals to challenge any brutal act, this second track certainly gets some wide stanced headbanging on the go.

‘Six Feet Deep, No Party Too Steep’ is the penultimate track, with serious breakdowns and brutality as the solos slice and the drums pummel away as Necrotted aim to pack as much punch as possible into this short offering before ‘Weltschmerz’ finishes off the EP with a blast beat filled monster that will leave you bruised but aching for more.

Die For Something Worthwhile is an EP full of raw and aggressive power that will blow most people away. The utter brutality is perfectly captured in this short offering, however is perfect to tide us over until the next full length recording and provides plenty of earth moving opportunities on the upcoming tour with the new material.

Necrotted have managed to record something that’s packs way more power than something of its duration should do and is certainly excitingly brutal. Now we just need more!!

Ed Ford

Die For Something Worth While is released 11th October 2019 on Rising Nemesis Records


Track List

  1. Die For Something Worthwhile
  2. Eudaimonia
  3. Six Feet Deep, No Party To Steep
  4. Weltschmerz



*Pre-orders are now live for Die for Something Worthwhile

Necrotted – Die for Something Worthwhile Line-Up
Fabian Fink – Vocals
Pavlos Chatzistavridis – Vocals
Philipp Fink – Guitar
Johannes Wolf – Guitar
Koray Saglam – Bass
Markus Braun – Drums

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