Necrophobic // Dawn Of The Damned // Album Review

Having been formed over 30years ago in 1989, the Swedish blackened Metallers released their debut The Nocturnal Silence in 1993 which started the bands establishment in the darker sector of extreme music. The following releases were lapped up by the underground and even with numerous line-up changes and having worked through challenges, the dark shroud never disappeared and when the band resumed in 2018 for Mark Of The Necrogram the full force of the band was unleashed once more.

Necrophobic now have the task of creating something that can stand up to that incredible album and Dawn Of The Damned is the album that is believed to be able to continue the march of sick, so can it build on that career defining album?

As the eerie guitars welcome us to gone new offering and the atmosphere builds, there is the unnerving feeling that something drastic is about to land and the near 2 ½ minute intro builds this perfectly before the drums erupt and the riffs of Black Metal begin to take their grip. The rasping vocal then begins to spew the questionable lyrics down your ear canal, you can almost feel them slowly run down toward the inner ear.

The clean production allows for the crispness of the drums to be heard in their full effect and then the incredible guitar solo opens a portal directly to hell, this is the first of many scintillating guitar solos throughout the album. Whilst everything throughout the release is of a stunning standard, the guitars really are something else.

As the album progresses, you feel the darkness taking over you in a way that traditional Black Metal doesn’t, as the old school albums had that murky production that they become renowned for, the clarity of the production here almost allows that darkness in high definition and without it, the full power of the band would not be able to be fully appreciated.

Necrophobic have managed to create an album that not only picks up where Mark Of The Necrogram left off, but also pushes the bar even higher. The riffs are massive, the drums destructive and the vocal just oozes bile. It really is a stunning example of Blackened Metal that will appeal to those traditional fans of the genre but also those who want to explore the darker side of music.

Ed Ford

Dawn Of The Damned will be released October 9th via Century Media


Track list

  1. Aphelion
  2. Darkness Be My Guide
  3. Mirror Black
  4. Tartarian Winds
  5. The Infernal Depths of Eternity
  6. Dawn of the Damned
  7. The Shadows
  8. As the Fire Burns
  9. The Return of a Long Lost Soul
  10. Devil’s Spawn Attack

CD 2 (00: 20:03):

  1. Awakening… (Live in Stockholm 2020)
  2. Darkside (Live in Stockholm 2020)
  3. Tsar Bomba (Live in Stockholm 2020)
  4. Revelation 666 (Live in Stockholm 2020)


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