Necronomicon // UNUS // Album Review
Necronomicon // UNUS // Album Review10
Necronomicon // UNUS // Album Review10
Necronomicon // UNUS // Album Review10
Necronomicon // UNUS // Album Review10
Necronomicon // UNUS // Album Review10
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Formed back in 1988 in Fjord of Saguenay, Quebec, Canada, Necronomicon has enjoyed a long and fruitful 31year career and not planning on this finishing any time soon.UNUS is the follow up to the  2016 release Advent of the Human God and has again evolved in their creation with this latest offering.

Having been recorded by Rob the Witch on Guitar, Vocals and Bass and Divider on drums, the band was joined on ‘From Ashes Into Flesh’ by Geirloz of Dimmu Borgir fame for the piano, however, please don’t think that this streamlined recording line up limits this record in any way.

Opening with the previously mentioned track ‘From Ashes Into Flesh’, immediately the grandeur and brutality of this album is clear. Theatrical Operatic backings are met with dark guitars and a Blackened vocal, as the drums provide a constant wall of beats which cross into blast beats as you are taken under the spell of this incredible combination of both beauty and pain. The piano provided by Geirloz is stunning and really sets the tone perfectly.

This theatrical performance continues in what can only be described as a beautifully tragic soundtrack to a gorgeously twisted story that is powerful both musically and sensually.

With tracks such as ‘The Price of a Soul’ being instrumental, it really allows for the brilliance of the music to be heard before the power and horrifying vocal returns with ‘Singularis Dominus’ to collide with the ever-present symphonic. This method allows both aspects to really compliment each other and keeps you guessing what is coming next.

‘Cursed MMXIX’ arrives at track 9 and having been previously released on Morbid Ritual in 1991 (titled ‘Cursed’) the progression of the band is clear to hear and provides a nice reference to the origins of the band before we are cast back into 2019 Necronomicon with the album closer ‘Vox Draconis’ that will leave you feeling excited for more and reaching for that repeat button.

UNUS is one of the few albums that has excited me as soon as I pressed play and had me eager for the next track whilst not wanting the current one to end. What the veterans have created is as Black Power Symphonic Metal and it is utterly glorious. The brutality is matched with finesse and the darkness is countered by wonderful symphonic’s to create one of the best releases of 2019.


Ed Ford


UNUS is released on October 18th via Season of Mist.

Track List

1. From Ashes into Flesh (04:23)

2. Infinitum Continuum (05:27)

3. Paradise Lost (04:55)

4. The Price of a Soul (01:56)

5. Singularis Dominus (04:50)

6. The Thousand Masks (03:20)

7. Ascending The throne of Baator (04:54)

8. Fhtagn (01:59)

9. Cursed MMXIX (04:13)

10. Vox Draconis (04:13)


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