Nanowar of Steel // Dislike to False Metal // Album Review


Parody bands, where do you sit with them? For me, I am all for a light-hearted take on the world so long as the music is good and it puts a smile on your face. So, where do Nanowar of Steel fit into the world of music that meets humour?

As a starter, this is the band’s fifth album and to be fair, shit bands don’t last that long so that’s always a bonus! Also, when you get guest appearances such as Joakin Brodén from Sabaton and Eleine – this is a pretty hefty vote of confidence.

The 10 tracks in this comedy-packed offering span every sub-genre of Metal as well as venturing out of the confines of Metal toward a pop sound and exploring subjects ranging from a health-conscious, sober pirate through to the battle of Brazil v Italy in the 1994 World Cup.

Bearing this in mind, as previously stated, to be able to pull this kind of thing off, you have to be really good at the music side of things and in some ways better than a conventional band. By proving that you deserve to be on people’s playlists for more than just one spin is not easy in this age when music is available at the click of a button. Simply put, Nanowar of Steel are that good.

Whether it be dancing with the likes of ‘Disco Metal’ which is simply a party banger or experiencing the Symphonic Power Metal of ‘The Power of Imodium’ it is impossible not to be blown away by the genius and then the execution of what can only be described as quality music. The lyrics are smart and funny but should by no means take away from the greatness that is on display here.

Nanowar of Steel in some ways do themselves down by labelling themselves as a parody band as some people will skip taking a punt on them for fear of not being serious. For what it’s worth, this band are a great band that writes light-hearted tracks that are designed and then actually do put a massive fuck off smile on your face and satisfies every single music urge that you have ever had.

Dislike to False Metal is a top album that outstrips any other album of its kind and in a time where everything is so serious, take some time out and have a giggle with the Italian five-piece.

Dislike to False Metal will be released Friday 10th March 2023 via Napalm Records.


Ed Ford


Dislike To False Metal Tracklist:
1. Sober
2. Winterstorm in the Night
3. Disco Metal
4. Muscle Memories
5. Chupacabra Cadabra
6. Pasadena 1994
7. Metal Boomer Battalion
8. Dimmu Boogie
9. Protocols (of the elders of Zion) of love
10. The Power of Imodium

Dislike To False Metal will be available in the following formats:
1 – CD Digisleeve
1 – LP Gatefold purple (limited to 500 copies worldwide) – Napalm Records shop exclusively
Digital Album

Death To False Tours 2023  

11.03.23 IT – Roma / Largo Venue
17.03.23 IT – Livorno / The Cage
18.02.23 IT – Genova / Crazy Bull
24.03.23 IT – Roncade (Treviso) / New Age
25.03.23 IT – Cesena / Vidia Club
31.03.23 DE – Geiselwind / Metal Franconia Fest
01.04.23 CH – Aarburg / Musigburg
02.04.23 DE – Munich / Backstage Club
03.04.23 AT – Vienna / Viper Room
04.04.23 HU – Budapest / Analog Music Hall
05.04.23 PL – Krakow / Zaścianek
06.04.23 PL – Warsaw / Hydrozagadka
08.04.23 DE – Hanover / Cafe Glocksee
09.04.23 DE – Hamburg / Logo
10.04.23 DK – Copenhagen / Stengade
12.04.23 NL – Rotterdam / Baroeg
13.04.23 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben
14.04.23 DE – Essen / Turock
15.04.23 DE – Trier / Mergener Hof
16.04.23 BE – Vorselaar / De Dreef
02.05.23 FR – Nantes / Ferrailleur
03.05.23 FR – Paris / Petit Bain
04.05.23 FR – Toulouse / Connexion Live
05.05.23 ES – Barcelona / Sala Bóveda
06.05.23 ES – Madrid / Sala Revi Live
07.05.23 PT – Lisbon / RCA Club
08.05.23 ES – Murcia / Sala Garage Beat Club
09.05.23 ES – Valencia / Sala Peter Rock
10.05.23 ES – Portugalete (Bilbao) / Sala Groove
11.05.23 FR – Lyon / Rock ’n’ Eat

21.10.23 IT – Milan / Alcatraz, 20 Years Of Steel Special Show


Gatto Panceri 666 – Bass
Potowotominimak – Vocals
Mr. Baffo – Vocals
Mohammed Abdul – Guitar
Uinona Raider – Drums


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