Nameless // Self-Titled // EP Review


West Midlands based Alt-Metal outfit Nameless is set to release its first EP, entitled Nameless. Since the pandemic, the band have been gigging relentlessly while steadily building a name for themselves across the West Midlands, and it’s finally time for them to drop their first release.

After a short electronic opening number entitled, We Are Nameless, the first full track and one of the two singles from the release, Diana hits hard with chunky riffs before a switch to atmospheric instrumentals and clean vocals. Mixing the atmosphere of the verses with the chunk of the choruses creates a level of pressure upon listening that feels like a release of pent-up anger before finalising the anger within a breakdown and screamed vocals. Up next is Shade of Shade, a chuggy, riff-heavy Metalcore track similar in vain to the likes of the early 2000’s thanks to the insanely infectious riff found within the verses.

Devil in Us has my favourite vocal performance of the release with a great blend of cleans, fry screams and general metal goodness, but also thanks to the blend of rap in the vocal delivery that makes it impossible to not get flashbacks to the early days of Slipknot and general Nu-Metal. Skipping forward to the end of the EP to save a couple of surprises, we have Out the Real, the second single of the release. Utterly filthy bass lines and riffs create a crushing sound while the vocal performance moves between modern Metalcore and Nu-Metal thanks to the elements of Shoegaze found within the chorus.

Nameless has created an EP that somehow sounds incredibly familiar while also remaining fresh at the same time. From incredible atmospheric choruses to chunk filled riffs and some brutal breakdowns, Nameless is a great EP from a band with serious potential and I’m excited to see where the band goes from here. Give it a listen and just enjoy some damn good metal.

Review: Dan Stapleton

Go listen to our debut EP NAMELESS now!


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