Nadir – Norwegian Blackened Hardcore Outfit Share “Extinction Rituals” Title Track

Nadir – Norwegian Blackened Hardcore Outfit Share “Extinction Rituals” Title Track 

Norwegian blackened hardcore outfit Nadir today reveal the title and closing track of their forthcoming debut full-length album ‘Extinction Rituals”, which is set to be released on May 5th. 

Listen to “Extinction Rituals” here. 

If you missed, the leading single “Tenebrae” is still playing here. and the second single “The Old Wind” is still playing at this location.

“Extinction Rituals” broadly follows the same trajectory as the band’s first EP “The Great Dying” combining fast- paced and heavy rhythms, furious and gritty guitar riffs and a venomous vocal delivery. Throughout ten tracks, Nadir prove that when a large portion of the metal landscape is nearing towards an uniform sonic entity, there is still potential to break the mold and be creative. This album is an unapologetic outburst of aggression and desperation. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Ole Wik – Guitar and Vocals
Magnus Wiig – Guitar
Jonas Bengtson – Drums
Erik Gullesen – BassLinks: