Myth Of I // Myth Of I // Album Review
Myth Of I // Myth Of I // Album Review9
Myth Of I // Myth Of I // Album Review9
Myth Of I // Myth Of I // Album Review9
Myth Of I // Myth Of I // Album Review9
Myth Of I // Myth Of I // Album Review9
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So like the rest of you out there in self-isolation hell, DIY amundo and bored to death of it, I decided today would be a chilled out affair where music and I would re-engage, three-album reviews later, I have decided to turn my attention to Myth Of I, the self-titled debut album by ex Berklee College of Music attendee’s, if that sentence doesn’t strike the fear of God into you I don’t know what would! You have to wonder what kind of mind-fuck beholds me as I delve into this recording courtesy of their newly found label The Artisan Era. 

As it is, chaos wrapped up in chaos, beautiful chaos! Myth Of I don’t seem to follow any one path, so they forge their own, fusing various musical styles and producing hefty, savagely hefty riffage, interlaced with highly technical and beautifully melodic songwriting that takes the breath away. Right from the off you’ll know this is not your usual run of the mill recording, instead you get an album that is very much true to what the guys wanted to achieve out of their debut recording,  

“We feel this album is an authentic representation of both our playing and sound and we hope it resonates with you all as much as it does with us. We put many years into this project to help shape and redefine what we see to be the next step in the progressive metal scene. It’s an eclectic album with influences from all over the world and is sure to be something you can’t find anywhere else.”

For those into their Tech-Death Metal, you’ll dig it, for the six-string shredders, you’ll dig it, fans of the likes of Andy James who like their instrumental metal on the heftier side of things and fans of Animals As Leaders, Scale the Summit, Between the Buried and Me, The Contortionist, The Faceless, and Cloudkicker, you’ll all dig it! The quality within is sublime, the technical ability blows the mind and will boggle many on the receiving end as to how such monstrous compositions are written, there will be screams of “We’re Not Worthy’ from bedrooms all across the states and beyond. 

A crazy-beautiful collection of mind-blowing goodness highly recommended and the perfect tonic before slipping into a hot bath with a glass of wine and some Kenny G. 


Myth of I arrives this Friday via The Artisan Era


Myth of I – Myth of I Tracklisting


1. Pandora

2. The Illustrator

3. Cherophobia

4. Obsidian Vale

5. Glass Castles

6. Needlepoint

7. The Maze

8. Kodama

9. Interlude

10. Felix Cupla

11. Panzer


Myth of I – Myth of I Pre-order Links

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Myth of I is:

Jennings Smith – Guitars

Tyler Fritzel (Intoxicated Rage) – Guitars

Matt Lippa (Intoxicated Rage) – Drums

Aodán Collins (session bassist for Zealotry) – Bass


Social Media Links 

The Artisan Era YouTube Channel

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