Myrath // Live In Carthage // Album Review

My first experience of Myrath was about two years ago thanks to a suggested video thrown up to me by YouTube. The video was for their song “Merciless Times”. After listening to it I looked up other songs from the band and quickly became a fan of their music. I decided then, to look up information about them and found out that they were far from being a new band and had in fact, been going since 2001. I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t heard of them before or why they weren’t bigger than what they were.

After six studio albums, this marks the band’s first live release. The album starts with a bonus studio track, which is a special re-working of what is perhaps their biggest song, “Believer” and includes Deep Purple’s Don Airey on keys.

After the bonus studio track, we then get into the live album itself. The setting is the Roman Amphitheatre of Carthage, in the band’s home country of Tunisia and was performed during the 54th edition of the International Festival of Carthage.

The live album features what I would regard as their best songs. Like the best of a live album. “Duat”, “Merciless Times”, “Dance” and “Tales Of The Sands” are all on there, as well as the bonus track “Believer”, which is featured at the start of the album but only this time performed live and more like the way it was originally recorded on their 2016 album “Legacy”.

There isn’t much in the way of talking and a lot of dialogue between tracks which to me, helps the album flow well musically. That isn’t to say that there is no interaction between frontman Zaher Zorgati and the crowd. There is and also a fair amount of audience participation.

If you have never experienced or heard this band before, this album would make for a great introduction to their Middle Eastern style of hard rock.

Live In Carthage” will be released as a CD+DVD Digipak and Digital on April 17th, 2019 on earMUSIC. The pre-order is available now:


Review: David Stewart


1. Believer (feat. Don Airey)*
2. Asl (Live In Carthage)
3. Born To Survive (Live In Carthage)
4. Storm Of Lies (Live In Carthage)
5. Dance (Live In Carthage)
6. Wide Shut (Live In Carthage)
7. Merciless Times (Live In Carthage)
8. Get Your Freedom Back (Live In Carthage)
9. Endure The Silence (Live In Carthage)
10. Nobody’sLives (Live In Carthage)
11. Duat (Live In Carthage)
12. The Unburnt (Live In Carthage)
13. Sour Sigh (Live In Carthage)
14. Tales Of The Sands (Live In Carthage)
15. Madness (Live In Carthage)**
16. Believer (Live In Carthage)
17. No Holding Back (Live In Carthage)
18. Drum Solo (Live In Carthage)**
19. Beyond The Stars (Live In Carthage)
20. Outro (Live In Carthage)**

Bonus: Making-Of**

*Only on CD
**Only on DVD


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