Myke Gray // Kim Jennet // Live Review // Nightrain // Bradford

It’s the 100th storm of February and this time it’s brought the snow, so what better way to spend the extra day of the leap year than at a rock show! It may be cold and bitter outside but inside it’s warm and it’s loud. Tonight’s kings and queens of the stage are former Skin guitarist Myke Gray and Kim Jennettwho are bringing their tour through Bradford’s Nightrain

The room has built up a good crowd of fans who are here to rock out with the greats on stage. With no support act it’s a late start but the spirits are high in the room with plenty being drunk too! As Queen’s “We Will Rock You” plays over the speakers the band enters into the stage taking over and heading into “Stand Up For Rock N Roll”. Right off the bat there is an explosion of energy with the band bouncing about the stage. Jennettis completely on form tonight as she powers through song after song with her vocal power. Not only is her voice incredibly powerful, her stage presence is captivating to watch as she never stops and spends most of her time at the very front of the stage, even climbing into the barrier at one point. Her talent however is really showcased during the soulful “Counts for Nothing” which builds into an emotionally powered epic song.

Grayis just as eye catching as he moves around spinning with his guitar. It’s hard to know where to keep your gaze as both command your attention. The crowd are taking it all in though, mesmerised by the performance in front of them as they raise their hands in the air on command. With tracks such as “Psycho” and “House of Love” getting the crowd moving and “Tower of Strength” getting every voice singing along, it’s clear the whole room is alive and loving every minute of this duo’s collaboration. The set list includes plenty of Skin covers such as “Colourblind” and “Look But Don’t Touch”, giving fans of Grayplenty to sink their teeth into and enjoy alongside tracks from his solo album Shades of Gray.

As “Shine Your Light” appeared to bring the night to a close, this crowd were not ready to go home just yet. Not to worry though as there was a four track encore to satisfy that craving for more which included “Tripping” and “Take Me Home”. Grayeven sang “I Get Up” getting the crowd up and wild once more! These guys know how to close a night and this is how it is done. Myke Gray and Kim Jennett are experts at what they do, keeping you wanting more and delivering with a powerful performance. This is a set of musicians who were evidently born to perform and shine! 

Review: Emmie Ellis

Photography: Mark Ellis

Shoot The Groove Photography //

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