My Only Solution Talk Influences & Inspiration With Rock ‘N’ Load

MY ONLY SOLUTION ( ) are quickly picking up a name for themselves for their deep and brooding alt-rock sound that draws in from many quarters. The UK stout rock crew will drop their superb new album, Violent Delights Have Violent Ends, on Friday 1st July. With that in mind, we asked the band to tell us more about their influences.

“Hello, I’m Ryan from “My Only Solution” and I’m gonna give you some songs that have heavily influenced me when writing music over the years.

Bring Me The Horizon – Shadow Moses

This was one of the first heavy tracks I became completely obsessed with. The push and pull of this song blew my mind at the time. If it wasn’t for this song or the whole “Sempiternal” album I’m not sure I would’ve become such a big metal fan. The raw, aggressive sound was what I loved about it so much. It still sits in almost all my playlists and I love it.

Bring Me The Horizon – Doomed

I credit this song as the song that made me want to learn how to produce and mix. I remember hearing it for the first time when it came out in 2015, I was just immediately fascinated with it. I wanted to know exactly how the sound of that song happened. What did they use? Who mixed it? All these questions led me down a path of production I would have never discovered if it wasn’t for this track.

Glen Hansard – Falling Slowly

This song is harrowingly beautiful. I remember stumbling across it randomly when I was about 13 years old and just crying my eyes out. It’s the first song that ever truly moved me to tears. I don’t think it was even the lyrics, it was the way those melodies fit over the chords and the way the performance was given. I decided I wanted to move people with music in a similar way. I love this song so much.

Radiohead – Spectre

There’s so many Radiohead songs that have influenced me over the years. I think I’d credit the fact that we don’t always stick to one genre in our music to Radiohead. I picked spectre because I just love the whole composition of this song. The way the orchestral elements add texture and depth is masterful. I actually can’t believe the bond lot didn’t use it, mental.

My Chemical Romance – Mama

Similar to Radiohead, there are so many My Chemical Romance songs that I love and have influenced me. Mama has this bombastic energy that is unmatched. The sections of this song just flow seamlessly into each other and it leaves you wanting to listen again and again. This is also one of the first songs of theirs that I completely fell in love with.

Deftones – Cherry Waves

Deftones are one of those bands that inspire me to make heavy music with soft melodies. Cherry waves has this amazing chord progression in the chorus that hits so deep, I remember hearing it for the first time on a walk and I actually stopped walking and replayed the song from the start on full volume just to try and experience it for the first time again.”

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