My Dying Bride // Macabre Cabaret // EP Review

Quickly following on from the album The Ghost Of Orion that was released six months ago, My Dying Bride has decided to release a new EP, with three new songs of their finest Death Doom darkness as the band from West Yorkshire look to continue on their melancholy path and take us by the hand to guide us along with them.

The opening track bears the same name as the album and weighs in at a hefty 10 minutes, nearly half of the length of the album, however, it transports you to a misty wilderness where there is nothing but despair and loneliness as the slow tempo is met by, solemn sounding guitars and keys whilst the purposeful drum keep that beat at an intensely slow march and the very gothic chant-like vocal that rounds off this wonderful feeling of hopelessness.

As the second track ‘A Secret Kiss’ begins with it simple yet eerie guitar, that sinking feeling continues to pull you down but by now you knew that maybe it isn’t a dive into the depths, maybe it is that inner desperation being given away to show itself and express that concerning worry. The steady pace again really gets into the subconscious and talks to that part of us that that controls so much. Somehow this depressive music just takes and transfixes you.

The closing track ‘A Purse Of Gold And Stars’ begins with a keys section that talks to your heart and mind before the strings begin and suddenly you are under this doomy spell again however having heard the previous two, you allow yourself to be put under straight away and the release that this allows is massive. Before you know it you are wanting more so either press play again or if haven’t already got it, you begin to delve into the back catalog.

This is EP is more than just three tracks, it talks to you unlike much else and you realize that this Death Doom sound is actually healthy for the soul. Yes, you will get transported to barren and hopeless places in your mind, however, the feeling of release is incredible. Macabre Cabaret is the soundtrack to start your exploration into those places that we all have and some refuse to go, but press play and allow yourself to let go.

Ed Ford


Macabre Cabaret is released November 20th via Nuclear Blast Records



  1. Macabre Cabaret
  2. A Secret Kiss
  3. A Purse Of Gold And Stars




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