My Chemical Romance “Welcome To The Black Parade” Is Latest Hit To Receive Vitamin String Quartet Classical Treatment

My Chemical Romance “Welcome To The Black Parade” Is Latest Hit To Receive Vitamin String Quartet Classical Treatment


This morning, Vitamin String Quartet surprised their fans and My Chemical Romance fans alike with a new shot-from-home style music video of “Welcome To The Black Parade,” as well as a limited edition run of VSQ Performs My Chemical Romance vinyl, which was initially released as a Record Store Day exclusive LP this past summer.



James Curtiss, Director of A&R/Creative Director at CMH Label Group comments on the video release “The goal of this video was to capture a new performance of this fan fave take on My Chem’s anthem.  We wanted for the performance to feel as epic and as immediate as can be, with bold, clear imagery to match in the accompanying clip.  As a celebration of our classic recording, our album release, and what the future holds for VSQ and MCR fans, the video is gonna be a must-see for all.”


The music video release follows the Vitamin String Quartet’s 15th anniversary of the release of VSQ Performs My Chemical Romance, which the group also celebrated this past summer. As part of the anniversary exclusive, the album was released for the first time on vinyl and was loaded up with a download card, colored wax and a bonus track not on the original album, just for the occasion. Remastered for this vinyl release, the album also presented in a brand-new package with all new cover art.


VSQ Performs My Chemical Romance track list can be found below:

1. “The Ghost of You”
2. “Honey, This Mirror Isn’t Big Enough for the Two of Us”
3. “Hang ‘em High”
4. “Thank You for the Venom”
5. “Our Lady of Sorrows”
6. “The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You”

1. “Early Sunsets Over Monroeville”
2. “Helena”
3. “Vampires Will Never Hurt You”
4. “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)”
5. “I Never Told You What I Do for a Living”
6. “Welcome to the Black Parade (BONUS TRACK)”

Vitamin String Quartet has been transcending the boundaries of classical music for quite some time, creating a new generation of classical music fans with their instrumental covers of popular songs. As 2020 was coming to a close, the Bridgerton phenomenon was just beginning. The Netflix original produced by Shondra Rhimes found a unique way to seamlessly incorporate today’s popular music within its 19th century world. Vitamin String Quartet’s versions of Ariana Grande “thank u, next”, Maroon 5 “Girls Like You”, Shawn Mendes “In My Blood” and Billie Eilish “bad guy” are just a few of the songs given the quartet’s classical touch that fans fell in love with throughout the season. The best kept secret and decades-long fan favorite of music aficionados, students, and brides-to-be have seen their place in pop culture history grow exponentially, hitting such milestones as 285% increase in YouTube views, approaching 600k followers on Spotify, topping 1.7M monthly listeners, and a projection to reach 2 billion lifetime streams in the next 12 months.
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