Music Impresarios Re-unite To Promote PopArt Urban Duo Miss Bugs
Gallery Exhibition “Echo Chamber” Launches November 9th In Mayfair, London

Music manager Pat Magnarella and former major label A/R executive Roger Klein built up a successful visual art roster for eight years offering an alternative to the traditional gallery or dealer models usually found within the art world. Borrowing heavily from rock n’ roll they aspired to make contemporary art accessible to young people.  They launched exhibitions with Logan Hicks, Charming Baker, D*Face and Dan Baldwin amongst others, as well as the Art Project around Green Day’s ‘21st Century Breakdown’ album.
Now they have re-united to promote contemporary mixed media urban duo Miss Bugs.

Miss Bugs – originally from Bristol and now based in London – appropriate imagery from a combination of low and high cultural references employing a range of techniques including resin casting and silk screen printing to create vibrant ‘pop art’ imagery and sculptural works.

For this exhibition, each piece is made up of everyday and low-fi objects including small plastic Japanese charms, superhero toys and surgical blades alongside Lego figures and old toy cars. The collaged pieces are suspended within polished cast resin creating a reflective surface that evokes TV and mobile phone screens ubiquitous in modern life.

The arrangement of the works are representations of patterns found throughout nature and society, recreated by the artists to reflect modern day ‘echo chambers’ found throughout man made social networks, and mass media. This body of work explores how, with our beliefs encased inside a closed system, repeated back to us ad infinitum, leads to the amplification and reinforcement of these ideas.

Miss Bugs, presents Echo Chamber – an exhibition of new works on view in a pop-up Mayfair gallery at 10 Hanover Street, W1S 1YQ from 9 – 14 November 2018

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Detail of Missing Contempt by Miss Bugs (2018)
Missing Contempt by Miss Bugs (2018)
Miss Bugs, a collaboration between two artists, began to work together in 2007. Miss Bugs’ work takes iconic imagery from pop culture and art history and reforms it using collage and other mixed media methods. Often their work sees the appropriation of modern and contemporary artists such as Mondrian, Hirst and Koons, along with referencing many other contemporary artists and outsider art, which are recomposed in their collages and silk screens to make new reconstructed pieces. Historically their work, with their multi-layered references, have called into question the nature and structure of the art establishment itself. With two sell out shows, they have exhibited in New York, LA, San Francisco, Paris and London. Their artwork is in a number of significant private collections around the world.
Founded over a decade ago by Pat Magnarella, a highly respected music manager along with Roger Klein, a former major record label Artists & Repertoire person, PMM Art Projects was conceived of as a “disruptive art business model” in which the two music industry veterans neither strived to be “agents” or gallerists, but instead work to insure that their artists would be protected, nurtured, and recognized – both within, and beyond – the art world. PMM Art Projects has presented acclaimed exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, and London, and has worked with a number of internationally-known artists including Logan Hicks, Charming Baker, Dan Baldwin, D*Face and Miss Bugs amongst others.

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