Murder Made God // Endless Return // Album Review
Murder Made God // Endless Return // Album Review9
Murder Made God // Endless Return // Album Review9
Murder Made God // Endless Return // Album Review9
Murder Made God // Endless Return // Album Review9
Murder Made God // Endless Return // Album Review9
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Having been formed in 2011 and releasing a 3 track demo by the end of that year, Murder Made God released their debut full-length album Irreverencein 2013 before heading out on tour with Hour of Penance and Abhorrent Decimation and  2016 saw the release of Enslaved. The third album by the Greek Death Metallers will be the first on new label Unique Leader Records and taking a slightly different turn into a darker and doom-laden atmosphere whilst still displaying the impressive ferocity that we have come to love from Murder Made God.

Dark and twisted tones open the album before crashing into technical brutality with such force it knocks you sideways. The darkness continues with the impressive brutal and technical sounds that smash their way through the album as the aggressive vocal shatters through wonderous noise to add some more brain-rattling layers to this sound that already bursting at the seams.

As ‘World Defect’ kicks in, you already feel out of breath as the pace and intensity are on levels rarely experienced, all built upon a technical foundation that must have its own blueprints. The drumming is so precise it creates the sounds that go into the brain and bounces around, as the guitars attacks from many different tones, from down-tuned to chainsaw, there may be times where you have to take a moment to realize where you are!

As closing track ‘Victa Morte’ arrives, do not think for one moment that things are going to ease up as the last resolve from your body gives in and you feel withered and ruined from this utter behemoth of brutality.

Endless Return is a 10 track album that spans 40 minutes of pure raging Technical and Brutal Death Metal, the likes of which is rarely experienced yet regularly attempted. This is guaranteed to impress on many levels whilst taking no prisoners and battering everything within earshot. The brutality is exactly what people want in the quest for BDM as the Technicality will reach out to others. One thing is for certain, whoever gets to hear this beast will be blown away.

Endless Return is released September 20th via Unique Leader Records

Ed Ford

Track List

  1. Alive
    2. World Defect
    3. Darkness Thy Gift
    4. Gates of No Return
    5. Trials and Enemies
    6. Cognitive Dissonance
    7. A Final Conflict
    8. The Sword
    9. Love of Fate (Amor Fati)
    10. Victa Morte







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