Multi-Instrumentalist MATT MILLER To Release Remastered Album “Decrepit Shed” February 2023

Multi-Instrumentalist MATT MILLER To Release Remastered Album “Decrepit Shed” February 2023

Matt Miller – Photo Credit – Luna Rose Wolf

Akademia-Award-winning producer, engineer, and songwriting shredder Matt Miller released his latest instrumental album “Monument of Velocity” earlier this year, which also took him on the CYBER SHRED TOUR with Rings of Saturn, Extortionist, Distinguisher, and Voraath.

Containing eight tracks full of technical and progressive metal eliciting feelings of suspense, and tension while being fun, melodic, and brutally heavy, Monument of Velocity” was well received by fans, especially those into bands such as Jeff Loomis, Necrophagist, Dragon Force and Obscura.

As Matt Miller continues creating and writing his next follow-up, he is sharing with fans a remastered version of his first full-length of originals entitled “Decrepit Shed”, which was recorded at the peak of Covid 19 lockdowns and released during February 2021.

Two years almost to the day, on February 3, 2023, via Blood Blast Distribution (powered by Nuclear Blast & Believe Digital), “Decrepit Shed” will be released, freshly remastered by Matt Miller himself.

“The original release of Decrepit Shed was extremely ambitious while still full of nuance and depth. Like standing back and viewing a painting to see the bigger picture I felt that the smallest details which gave Decrepit Shed its foundation were somewhat obscured. The remastered version brings all these small but crucial pieces into focus and takes an already exciting listening experience to another level. The remastered version of Decrepit Shed takes an extremely strong 2-dimensional album and brings it into a 3-dimensional world.” says Miller.

“Decrepit Shred” was originally going to have vocals, but Miller decided to keep it all guitar.

“It was an ambitious undertaking trying to create interesting guitar lines that still had a vocal quality to them. The track Downward and Onward especially has a strong vocal quality in the lead guitar melodies.. I think on some of the tracks the listeners are probably able to hear which songs those were.”

Soaring, crushing, ferocious, emotive, and relentless, are words that strongly describe “Decrepit Shed”. The album has a lot to offer from various metal sub-genres and encompasses the best elements of technical guitar playing while still having well-written songs.

Matt Miller also released another cover album “Only What the Light Allows” earlier this year that features tracks by Children of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Aeon, Sodom, Megadeth, Old Man’s Child, Judas Priest, Testament, Dimmu Borgir, and Slayer. Miller has also unleashed a tech death album with his new project Chasm of DiscordBoth releases are currently available through Blood Blast Distribution.

Step into the Light – Guitar Playthrough –

“Decrepit Shed” (remastered) digital pre-save –

Track Listing:
1. Through the Doorway (1:38)
2. Step into the Light (2:55)
3. Smoldering Ruin (2:33)
4. Skynet Sonata (4:32)
5. Downward and Onward (3:39)
6. Noise Shaping (4:44)
7. Meddling of Wizards (3:07)
8. Tension and Release (4:31)
Album Length: 26:04

Album Credits:
All music written by Matt Miller
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Produced by Matt Miller at The Kill Box 2021 Album art by Hand Rot Art
Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, and Programming by Matt Miller
Remastered 2022 by Matt Miller at the Kill Box

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