Mourning Dawn // Dead End Euphoria // Album review


Hailing from the south of France in 2002 and having initially been a one-man show, Mourning Dawn released the debut album in 2007, however, Laurent decided to push the band further and create a full line up. As soon as this was achieved two further albums swiftly followed and now after personal and professional difficulties, the fourth full length is about to land.

The dark blend of Blackened Death/Doom begins to rot your core immediately as you press play, with a deep drone and blunt drums creating the background for a very Black Metal vocal to be expressed over. The slow pace allows for the full force of this blunt and ferocious sound to take its hold on you.

As the opening track weaves its despairing magic through its nine minutes, you feel like you are being taken under a dark and oppressive spell that you cannot shake off. The power that the band output is something else and the fact that this nine-minute opener continues to provide a capturing curse is testament to the quality.

With many of the tracks spanning impressive lengths, it is easy to be intimated by what is to come, however, if you invest in the album you will experience music unlike much else.

The 6 tracks span 69 minutes and display the full force of this oppressive and depressive music, with each lingering note thought through and the powerful droning in place for a purpose, it is clear that there is a lot of emotion put into the record and this is the perfect place to put it.

The combination of the genres is very impressively put together and captures some of the most despairing and hopeless feelings in musical form. Any person will be able to relate to the feelings that this album expresses and by the time it finishes, you will be emotionally drained, but that just shows how well the music connects to you and takes over.

Dead End Euphoria is a solid album from start to finish and is well worth setting yourself the time to sit undisturbed and listen. You will be captivated immediately and the cathartic tones will subconsciously lead to you expressing emotions and feelings that you thought had been suppressed.

Dead End Euphoria will be released Friday 86th March via Aesthetic Death

Ed Ford

Track list

  1. Dawn of Doom
    02. Never Too Old to Die
    03. Dead End Euphoria
    04. Conclusion
    05. The Five Steps to Death
    06. Adieu




Aesthetic Death

Mourning Dawn // Dead End Euphoria // Album review
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