Mother Vulture // The Sophie Lancaster Stage // BOA22 // Thursday August 11th

Mother Vulture are from Bristol, they’ve only be going a couple of years and play quite a bit down the South West where they’ve built up a ferocious live reputation.  Fresh out of Lockdown they’ve just come off a x12 date National tour and are preparing new music now for 2022.
“Hectic blues punk with a live show so chaotic it will leave you with horrific injuries. For fans of being happy, achieving your dreams and not dying”
What People Are Saying:
‘The riotous sounds of Mother Vulture, who have been on a conquest throughout the south west – each town they embark on are left jaw agape, stories of them are starting to circulate’
– Clunk Magazine
‘When a group of absolute barbarians maybe one fifth your age reminds you of everything
you love about rock & roll’
– Alex Milas @ Twin V
‘They could be massive – modern version of MC5 – fucking amazing live’
– Stephen Hill @ Metal Hammer & Riot Act Podcast
‘Mother Vulture are like Jane’s Addiction staging a jailbreak, drunk-driving a double-decked riff bus at high speed, ripping the gates of HM Punk Rock Prison off their hinges, pummelling through the Alt-rock roadblock’
– Scott Rowley @ Louder
Rock ‘N’ Load’s Thoughts “WOW what a performance, totally left field from what proceeded it but that in itself is the beauty of the Sophis Stage, you get this eclectic mix of bands that regardless of the genre have the tent bouncing, Mother Vulture was no exception, youth on their side, talent in abundance these guys ripped up that stage with one of the most energetic performances i have witnessed in a long time, a band to watch out for, well, well worth your hard-earned money cost of living crisis of not!”