Mother – Belgian Post-Blackgaze Trio Share Music Video For “Interlude I”

Mother – Belgian Post-Blackgaze Trio Share Music Video For “Interlude I” Via Invisible Oranges

Belgian post-blackgaze trio Mother has just shared a music video for their new single, “Interlude I: The Loving Care Of A Mother For A Child”, which is set for release on December 12th via Consouling Sounds along with a re-release of the band’s debut “I”.

Captured live at Cultuurcentrum De Grote Post in Oostende, Belgium, the video is now playing at Invisible Oranges, who commented “Kicking off with an incendiary snare drum hit, the track launches into full volume immediately. The song is constructed from deceptively simple leading melodies and motifs, but listening closely (and watching the video) shows some of the exacting detail and articulation that goes into crafting the sound. Piano motifs, though not visibly performed in the video, are very evident in the track and foster the tender, intense atmosphere that fills the first half of the track.”

Watch “Interlude I: The Loving Care Of A Mother For A Child” here.

Created as a way to fill the emptiness between full albums, “Interlude I: The Loving Care Of A Mother For A Child” is a stand-alone thirteen-minute piece, written within the same universe as the band’s debut “I”. The interlude tells a story of a mother figure guiding a protagonist, the listener, through a burdensome journey. Her guidance might seem helpful at first, but she has a manipulative, self-interest buried underneath. Pre-orders are now available at this location.

Mother is a Belgian post-blackgaze band from Ostend. Founded at the end of 2017 they started writing a first album where songs fade into one continuous story. An intense journey in which fragile melodies are being alternated with heavy guitars and drums smashing back and forth until they intertwine into an enormous soundscape. The journey they create is a complete experience, musically as well as visually. Like their hometown’s North Sea there is a constant ebb and flow of sludge-soaked noise, with terrifying roars tearing through frenzied and impactful guitarwork. Mother is no-nonsense. Hard, intense, emotional yet unforgiving.

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