Mos Generator // The Lantern // EP Review


Heavy/ Stoner rock legends Mos Generator have remastered and re-imagined their 2007 “Tales For The Vault” for a 2021 release “The Lantern”.

A fine five-track ep that is heavy as hell with a rhythmic groove that kills, lead track “Dyin’ Blues” is a great example, with the drums and bass playing off each other to give you a heavy Black Sabbath vibe and a funky guitar riff and solo combine to give you one hell of a track.

“In The Upper Room” has a bluesy feel to it as it opens up and while that continues throughout the song there is a heavy undertone to it within the chorus’ a grinding riff and bass give it a real kick alongside a groovy solo, this track is so good that you will be tapping along to it without even realising, stoner paradise. “The Lantern” revs things up big time with an all-out sonic assault, crashing drums, cool riffs and a funky bass that leads the track in a mesmerising way, another ripping solo puts the cherry on top of an awesome track that just screams to be played at full volume. For those of us old enough to remember Mama’s Boys from the 80s you’d be forgiven for thinking “Nightwolf” is a reincarnation of “Needle In The Groove”, albeit speeded up a little, with its catchy riff and crashing drums that defy you to sit still,  Reed absolutely kills it on vocals. “O’Cataa” closes out the album with another bass and drum-heavy stoner fest that will take you on a groove infused trip you will not forget.



“The Lantern” is out 26th February everywhere


Album Tracklist:
01. Dyin’ Blues
02. In The Upper Room
03. The Lantern
04. Nightwolf
05. O’Cataa

Mos Generator is:

Tony Reed                            Vocals/Guitar

Scooter Haslip                     Bass

Shawn Johnson                   Drums


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Mos Generator // The Lantern // EP Review
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