Mortuous - Through Wilderness - Album Review
Mortuous - Through Wilderness - Album Review9
Mortuous - Through Wilderness - Album Review9
Mortuous - Through Wilderness - Album Review9
Mortuous - Through Wilderness - Album Review9
Mortuous - Through Wilderness - Album Review9
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Having been formed in 2009 and the line up being completed in 2010 the band set about creating Brutal Death Metal with Doom influences whilst holding some groove. Featuring past and present members of the likes of Exhumed, Repulsion, Necrot and more the San Jose brutalitarians branded Mortuous bring their debut album to Europe on Dawnbreed Records, and to makes things that bit heavier have guest appearances from Chris Reifert and Danny Coralles from Autopsy, Derrel Houdashelt formerly of Exhumed and Teresa Wallace of Dreaming Dead.

The album opens with a lovely acoustic guitar interlude which relaxes and soothes the ear drums before the crushing guitars, jack hammer drums and guttural vocal kick in and create something nightmarish. The riffs are like being hit with chunks of concrete whist the drums sandblast the ear drums and the scything guitars squeal and slice through the deep and detuned brilliance.

This 9-track release is non-stop Brutal Doom and not for the faint of heart as you are repeatedly beaten by this monster but like any sadist, love every second of it. The fast-paced sound is something special as the instruments create a multi layered musical horror that is matched by the deep and horrifying vocal for the full 41 minutes.

‘Chrysalis of Sorrow’ is a more Doom led track however it still has a crushing edge to it and some simply brilliant solos that feel like they offer a ray of light in deep darkness and the seamless transition from Doom to Brutal means that before you know what’s happening the steady is whipping your head like a spin cycle.

If you like Doom or Brutal then this is a must have, if you like Death Metal give this a whirl, I guarantee you won’t regret it. This is a solid slab of brutality with a doom twist that works perfectly and is a brilliant listen.


Ed Ford


Through Wilderness is released November 9th 2018 via Dawnbreed Records.


Track Listing

  1. Beyond Flesh
    02. Bitterness
    03. Chrysalis of Sorrow
    04. The Dead Yet Dream
    05. Anguish and Insanity
    06. Through Wilderness
    07. Prisoner Unto Past
    08. Screaming Headless
    09. Subjugation of Will (CD only)

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