Mortuary Spawn (Leeds Death Metal) – NEW EP, ‘SPAWNED FROM THE MORTUARY’ OUT NOW!!!

Mortuary Spawn (Leeds Death Metal) – new EP, ‘SPAWNED FROM THE MORTUARY’ out today on Chamber of Emesis

We Wanted to announce our existence alongside our first release essentially: we’re Mortuary Spawn from Leeds, our debut EP is called Spawned from the Mortuary and it’s out today on Chamber of Emesis.

You can listen to it on our Bandcamp here or purchase the cassette via the label Bandcamp here.
We play old school death metal but pull influences from all over the place, and between us have played in various bands such as… The Afternoon Gentlemen, Bong Goblin, The Day Man Lost, Famine, Groak, Implement, Lugubrious Children, Ona Snop, Pest Control, Rat Cage, Suffering Mind, Vomitorium, ZEK.

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