The Korporation is proud to announce the signing of French brutal Thrash / Death veterans warriors MORTUARY who will enter world-famous HERTZ studio (BEHEMOTH, NEPHREN-KAINSAIN…) in June to record the follow-up to 2016’s fifth studio album, “Nothingless than Nothingness“.

Known and recognized since 1989 for their unique brand of relentless brutal Thrash / Death Metal and countless gigs and tours (among which European tours with the likes of OBITUARY, VADER, DECAPITATED, ENTOMBED, CORONER…), MORTUARY will celebrate their 30th anniversary with the release of their brand new studio full-length which will introduce the new line-up.

The complete MORTUARY discography so far will be made available on all major streaming platform within the coming weeks. Meanwhyile, it can be downloaded from either the XENOKORP Store or XENOKORP Bandcamp.


  • 2016 – “Nothingless than Nothingness
  • 2010 – “G.O.D (Glorify our Destroyers)
  • 2003 – “Agony in Red
  • 1998 – “Eradicate
  • 1996 – “Hazards of Creation

Line Up

  • Patrick GERMONVILLE – Vocals
  • Alexis BAUDIN – Guitars
  • Bastien LEGRAS – Guitars
  • Jean-Noël VERBECQ – Bass
  • Johann VOIRIN – Drums


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