MÖRK GRYNING // Hinsides Vrede // Album Review

Eventually, after 15 long years, one of the most important bands in Black Metal history has eventually re-woken. 

Initially forming in 1993 in Stockholm, Sweden, MÖRK GRYNING became a massive name in the underground with their debut release Tusen År Har Gått not solely for the harsh Black Metal that met melodic acoustic guitars but they also performed in their native language. This combination led to an incredible journey that has led to line-up changes and stylistic diversions that were not universally celebrated, however now the slumbering monster has stirred and is ready to unleash the fury of the early 90’s on the world.

If you were to go look for any sign of intention from the band, the translation of the new album title is ‘otherworldly wrath’ or ‘wrath of the world beyond’ and the intro does nothing to alleviate any concerns that people may have as to the sinister undercurrent of this album and when the music erupts, the riffs take their grip around your throat and begin the slow squeeze. The drums then slowly beat you from head to foot and spewing vocal just oozes bile that causes the skin to boil, leaving huh in a shuddering mess before the end of the second track.

This incredibly punishing and Black sound continues to slice at your flesh whilst invading the cerebrum attacking from both inside and out as this amazing Black Metal assault refuses to let up and even when the more melodic sections taken to the fore, the feeling of impending doom never let’s up and it never takes long for that fear to be realized.

Even though the 12 tracks last only 35 minutes, this will allow for those who are experiencing Black Metal for the first time to take stock of the incredible experience that this release truly is and then will have those people under the spell and pressing play again. 

Hinsides Vrede is a fantastic example of Black Metal of the highest standard and is a must list for any fan of the genre whilst also, as previously mentioned, is the perfect welcome to this beautifully twisted corner of music that many of us enjoy so much. This is a huge welcome back to the incredible MÖRK GRYNING.

Ed Ford


Hinsides Vrede is released Friday, October 23rd on Season of Mist.


1. The Depths of Chinnereth (01:00)
2. Fältherren (03:37)
3. Existence in a Dream (03:12)
4. Infernal (03:41)
5. A Glimpse of the Sky (02:56)
6. Hinsides (01:25)
7. The Night (03:13)
8. Sleeping in the Embers (04:25)
9. For Those Departed (01:09)
10. Without Crown (04:29)
11. Black Spirit (04:36)
12. On the Elysian Fields (01:41)


Pre-sales:  https://redirect.season-of-mist.com/mork-gryning-vrede

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