Mora Prokaza // By Chance // Album Review
Mora Prokaza // By Chance // Album Review8
Mora Prokaza // By Chance // Album Review8
Mora Prokaza // By Chance // Album Review8
Mora Prokaza // By Chance // Album Review8
Mora Prokaza // By Chance // Album Review8
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Formed in 2013, Mora Prokaza was a two-piece Belorussian band that released their first material Bringer of Plague in 2015 and this material helped the band to share the stage in Russia with bands such as Hell Spirit, Claymords and Moribund Oblivion, to name a few.

Shortly after this 50% of the line up left, however as soon as the replacement was settled, the new EP My Awakening was released in 2015 and swiftly followed by the 2016 full-length Dark Universe in 2016.

Taking a new approach to their music in 2018 and releasing the single ’Blacker Than Black’, Mora Prokaza are now ready to release the new album with this new sound, which is unorthodox and aggressive.

Immediately the abstract approach is displayed as the combination of Black Metal vocal is blended with a beat and powerful guitar tones. The vocal, whilst having a Black Metal feeling, is at such a pace that it feels like a rant that must be released. This unusual combination continues throughout the opener and as we get to track 2 ’I’m Not Yours’ the Belorussian influence joins the party traditional-sounding string tones and the vocal is a little less fraught whilst still retaining that Extreme Black Metal sound. The guitars explode into a powerful drone that aids that Black Metal feeling, however, there is so much else going on here, it sounds nothing like Black Metal, more of a combination of many genres, all of which are present so boldly that you cannot pick them apart.

The more you progress through the album, the more you realize that instead of trying to figure out what influence is from where what is best to do is just sit back and enjoy this fusion of pretty much everything and appreciate the clever way that it has been put together.

Yes some tracks have a thick bass tone, similar to what you may expect on a Dance track, but the rest is not Dance related at all, in fact, it is a chaotic yet precise combination of everything that works very well together and is very enjoyable to listen to. You will hear sounds and tones that you have probably never heard in this combination, but that does not mean that they should not be there.

By Chance will blow the minds of the majority however that is not a negative by any stretch as it stands out from the crowd and stands alone. It is Extreme, Powerful, and very engaging and most importantly, a great listen.

Ed Ford


By Chance is released July 3rd 2020 via Season of Mist.


Track List

1. WIMG (2:41)
2. Im Not Yours (3:39)
3. Check It    (3:36)
4. Im A Human        (2:41)
5. I See It This Way (6:08)
6. Madonna (3:19)
7. Be There (3:30)
8. Sorry Man (3:11)
9. Blacker Than Black (3:01)



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