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For a lot of people, prog-rock can be a take it or leave it situation,  but Moon Machine’s debut is definitely in the take it pile. You may look at this and see only seven tracks but do not be fooled as each track is of near-epic proportions.

“The Cave” starts the journey off with a nice upbeat tempo that drops to a mellow, chilled out vibe with soft vocals, languid guitars and drums that draw you in, rousing chorus’ lift the track alongside some fantastic keyboard and guitar work that rise to a crescendo as the song closes. The “Reckoning” comes in heavy with a thumping bass line, pounding drums and gritty riffs, the melodic vocals of Hochwald mesh nicely with the heaviness and give the song great balance; midway through it drops into a soulful affair before soaring back to the heights with crashing drums, brilliant guitars and haunting vocals, absolutely amazing. “Demon:05” starts out as a ballad with soft tones that quickly fade away to a pulsating bass lead track with dulcet tones that will have you rapt, the song takes a darker heavier at the mid-point with frantic piano and drums it heightens a sense of foreboding made even more so with the intense closing of the song where Hochwald lets rip a guttural roar over a sinister riff. “Left To Wander” is a brilliant track, starting slowly and building over the course of the song, the highlight of which is the amazing solo that brings the song to a serious high point after which you are gently brought back to down with Hochwald serenading you to the end of the song.

The album enters its final phase with a three-part prog lover’s dream; “Post Upgrade”. The first of these is “Discovery” an instrumental that is bass-heavy with a funky twist and eerie guitar riffs that run straight into “Grief” a seven-minute wonder that is packed with some seriously brilliant guitar work and a jazzy, Caribbean beat that changes to a Far Eastern style tone that then drops to a grungy style, this will tie you in knots but that’s what prog rock is all about, its also killer track just by the by. The final piece in this intricate puzzle is “Requiem”; a movie score style instrumental with acoustic guitar and a flute leading to a fade-out mid-way through which would have been a fitting end to the album but after a minute the song comes back in with some static scratchy noise that runs to the end.

“Moon Machine” is out self-released on 30th July, if you are a prog-rock fan or are just looking for something a little different, then this is a must-have!

Moon Machine – Moon Machine Track List
1. The Cave
2. Reckoning
3. Demon:05
4. Left to Wander
5. Post Upgrade I – Discovery
6. Lost Upgrade II – Grief
7. Post Upgrade III – Requiem (Flute by Nicole Giggey)

Moon Machine – Moon Machine Line Up
Eric Hochwald – vocals, guitar, bass & addit
ional keyboards, cello, orchestration
Jonathan Sirota – keyboards
Angel Castillo – drums

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Moon Machine // Moon Machine // Album Review
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