Monuments // Kill The Lights // Live Review // The Flapper // Birmingham

After a day of job interviews and trains, I finally found myself at The Flapper for the first time for the metalcore supergroup Kill The Lights and Monuments, the Djent 4-piece celebrating the release of their latest album In Stasis. Upon arrival my first thought was just “how is this room going to fit 200 people” and within utter seconds I was correct in my conclusion of it couldn’t. After an incredibly long wait due to the openers pulling out, Kill The Lights took to the stage.

With a full room, it wasn’t long till the melodic hardcore/metalcore that makes up the sound of Kill The Lights started to flood the air. What proceeded was an incredibly tight set with great performances across the board, as should be expected from a band with such prestige in its members. Mixing in the energy of both the vocalist and bass player created a level of atmosphere only findable in a room this small and it was obviously infectious as the crowd ate it up. As their set ended, I rushed through the crowd to get some air and have a cigarette before mentally preparing for the carnage that was about to begin.

After what felt like a millennium of the changeover, Monuments took to the stage with a roar of applause and cheers all around. Those in attendance were treated to a truly great set filled with brilliant musicianship, great energy from all members and most importantly, great vibes. It was obvious within the opening notes of Cardinal Red just how excited and ravenous the bands fanbase are. I also need to acknowledge just how strong of a frontman Andy Cizek is, with great stage presence alongside continuously engaging with those in the crowd, even going as far as taking a fans phone from the front of the crowd and recording himself and the crowd on the video she was taking. It’s always great to see a band genuinely enjoy interacting with those who’re paying to see them perform.

Despite the venue being a little smaller than I’d like to be photographing from the crowd in, there’s something so special about shows in rooms like The Flapper. The smell of sweat, the heat and the constant shoving of a crowd all having the time of their lives is something only available truly at a show in small, independent venue. With truly great performances from all involved, a lost camera battery and a ringing in my ears I’ve not experienced in a long time, it would be hard to describe the night as anything other than a show I’ll remember for a long time.




MONUMENTS is Mike (drums), Andy (vocals), Swan (bass), and Browne (guitar).


 Kill the Lights, which features former members of Bullet for My Valentine and Throw the Fight, released their debut album The Sinner, in 2020 via Fearless Records.

James Clark — Vocals (ex-Throw The Fight)
Jordan Whelan — Guitar (Still Remains)
Michael “Moose” Thomas — Drums (ex-Bullet For My Valentine)
Jay James — Bass (ex-Bullet For My Valentine)
Travis Montgomery — Guitar (ex-Threat Signal)