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Montclair, NJ’s Palamino has released a new song/video titled “Calabretta” which is streaming here: .

Self-titled album FREE stream/download here:



“The track is full of gloom and solemn tones, holding a weight in place with the rich atmosphere.”- New Noise Magazine

Within their first year, Palamino already started making large strides – performing at the 2018 Champagne Jam with The Front Bottoms and releasing their debut self-titled album. Palamino essentially began when Pete Clark and Michelle Gilbert started exchanging acoustic demos, uniting their eclectic influences and coming up with a sound that was both melodic and rhythmic. Through mutual connections, Becca Biondi and Max McMahon joined forces, adding a layer of bombastic rhythm over the ethereal jams, creating music that can’t easily be placed into any genre but one that is truly their own. Some will say it sounds as though they have been playing together for years, but this is only the beginning.

Instagram: @palaminooo

Twitter: @palaminooo


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