Molly Drag / Johnny Goth 7″ Split Out November 16; Now Available For Pre-Order

molly drag

Molly Drag

johnny goth sept 2018

Johnny Goth

Chicago’s Mutant League Records will be releasing a Johnny Goth / Molly Drag 7″ split on November 16th.

Ontario, Canada’s Molly Drag is the solo project of Michael Charles Hansford, which he started in Autumn of 2014. According to Noisey/Vice, Molly Drag’s music “tests the waters of shoegaze, emo, and any avenue in which to explore anguish and catharsis.”

Johnny Goth is a lackadaisical musician out of Burbank, California. Fully embracing lo-fi recording techniques, Johnny Goth has caught the attention of indie fans with his distinct guitar soundscapes and ambient vocals, evident in his 2016 standout single “Feels Like We’re Dying”, a track which has gained millions of views/streams across various music-listening platforms.

Pre-order the split 7″ here:

Vinyl details:

1st pressing is limited to 500 copies across two variants:
Green with Black Smoke: 200 copies
Solid Orange: 300 copies

molly drag johnny goth split cover


Side A

1. Johnny Goth – Drift

2. Johnny Goth – Sleep in the Light

Side B

3. Molly Drag – Boxing The Needle

4. Molly Drag – Rest Easy

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