Molassess Announce European Tour With Tribulation And Bølzer

announce European tour with TRIBULATION and BØLZER

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Dutch psychedelic rock ‘n roll formation MOLASSESS have announced a European tour in 2021 with TRIBUTLATION and BØLZER. The ‘When the Gloom Becomes Sound’ tour will kick off on January 29, 2021 in Copenhagen and ends almost a month later in Stockholm, Sweden on February 20, 2021. A full list of shows can be found below.

The band comments: “Although times are anything but certain, the prospect of illuminating Europe with two strong allies in TRIBULATION and BØLZER stirs our hearts and charges us to move forward. Let’s hope our paths will be cleared and we can move beyond our first ever performance alongside this pack.”

MOLASSESS have previously released the new song “Death Is”. Watch the video at the official Season of Mist Youtube Channel HERE. The band’s new album, ‘Through the Hollow’, will be released on October 16. Pre-orders for the new record are now available HERE.

“Where the Gloom Becomes Sound” Tour Europe 2021
29.01.2021 – Copenhagen (DK) – Pumpehuset
30.01.2021 – Hamburg (DE) – Uebel & Gefährlich
31.01.2021 – Utrecht (NL) – De Helling
02.02.2021 – Vosselaar (BE) – Biebob
03.02.2021 – London (UK) – The Dome
04.02.2021 – Paris (FR) – Petit Bain
05.02.2021 – Milan (IT) – Slaughter Club
06.02.2021 – Bern (CH) – Dachstock
07.02.2021 – Essen (DE) – Turock
09.02.2021 – Heidelberg (DE) – Halle 2
10.02.2021 – Munich (DE) – Technikum
11.02.2021 – Krakow (PL) – Kwadrat
12.02.2021 – Prague (CZ) – Nova Chmelnice
13.02.2021 – Vienna (AT) – Szene
14.02.2021 – Budapest (HU) – A38
16.02.2021 – Berlin (BE) – Columbia Theater
17.02.2021 – Malmö (SE) – Babel
18.02.2021 – Oslo (NO) – Parkteatret
19.02.2021 – Gothenburg (SE) – Valand
20.02.2021 – Stockholm (SE) – Slaktkyrkan
The cover artwork and track list of Through the Hollow’ can be found below. The artwork was created by Max Rovers.
1. Through the Hollow (11:06)
2. Get Out From Under (06:50)
3. Formless Hands (10:54)
4. Corpse of Mind (04:58)
5. The Maze of Stagnant Time (04:03)
6. I Am No Longer (06:21)
7. Death Is (04:54)
8. Tunnel (05:21)
9. The Devil Lives (10:33)
Total: 01:05:00
Photo by Ryanne van Dorst

MOLASSESS were beckoned to life as a commissioned performance for the 2019 edition of Roadburn Festival, five years after THE DEVIL’S BLOOD – a chaotic coterie of musical misfits lead by the efficacious guitarist Selim Lemouchi – ended their fever dance.

The invitation inspired new shoots of creativity to blossom where death had walked. THE DEVIL’S BLOOD’s supernal singer Farida Lemouchi formed new bonds with old cohorts Oeds Beydals, Job van de Zande, and Ron van Herpen (ASTROSONIQ), Bob Hogenelst (BIRTH OF JOY) and Matthijs Stronks (DONNERWETTER). Not a reunion, but a confirmation of deep binds and steadfast connections, much like the substance of their namesake – deep and all-consuming, and impossible to untangle.

Taking their name from the final song on Lemouchi’s solo EP ‘Earth Air Spirit Water’ – and tragically his last mortal offering before his death in 2014, the band is not a continuation of a buried past, nor a celebration of a cherished collaborator, but a culmination of heartache, requisite resolution, a rediscovery of rage and the relighting of a fire that never really burned out.

Recording the music of the Roadburn performance on a two-track single, MOLASSESS released ‘Mourning Haze / Drops Of Sunlight’ via Ván Records in 2019.  The circle was completed once more with the coming together of a tribe that had been torn apart but found their moment of re-connection: being together again, but also being something new.

Now, with the band’s first full length, MOLASSESS are setting out on a new path:

“Through The Hollow – She proudly carries forth seeds of the past, present and future and cuts loose entirely within the new sonic search of Molassess. An infinite search for personal and spiritual renewal, a remedy for reason and rationality. The state where earth and neither flow inseperable. The new light that follows the one great death.”

Genre: Psychedelic rock

Line-up:Oeds Beydals – guitar

Ron van Herpen – guitar

Job van de Zande- bass guitar

Bob Hogenelst- drums and percussion

Matthijs Stronks- keys

Farida Lemouchi- vocals

Recording studio: The Void Studio

Producer / sound engineer: Pieter G. Kloos & Molassess

Mixed and mastered: Pieter G. Kloos



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