Modern Rock Project SHTEVIL Drop Enticing New EP ‘Thank You’ And Exclusively Walk Rock ‘N’ Load Through It Track By Track

Shtevil – Track by Track 

Acclaimed modern rock project SHTEVIL has dropped an enticing new EP, Thank You, out now. With this in mind, we spoke to Vocalist and guitarist, Shtevil (aka Steven Vergauwen) and asked about the creation of the record and to also give an exclusive track by track breakdown of the EP:

“‘Thank You’ is the first full release after the debut album ‘Stung’.

A lot has happened in between the first album and the new EP. Quit my job, moved, got married, lost my mom & grandma. Enough stuff to make me think of where I am and where I came from as a person.

I did most of this album on my own, from recording, mixing to even the artwork. But mostly this EP is all about overcoming those obstacles the last couple of years and especially to be grateful for all those experiences, good and bad, hence ‘Thank You’.”

Who I Am ( ) :

This song is about how bad people & though times mostly shape us more than the easy & good things that were handed to us. About how experiences in life get handed down from father to daughter, from mother to son and so forth. Made me understand why my mom did stuff she did, Or why I turned out how I am. This song is me saying that I don’t want to be resentful anymore, but thank them cause it’s made me who I am.

Stink :

The chorus kind of says it. “Why don’t you think before you stink out of your mouth”. I’ve encountered so many people who have the need to express their opinion out of a place of power, even if they don’t have anything to do with the matter at hand. This made me wanna write about that, everyone is entitled to their opinion but it doesn’t always help the situation so choose your words wisely or just be quiet.

Drive It Like You Stole It ( ) :

I’m not the person who takes a lot of risks in life. My mom used to be better at that, not always for the better. But when she passed it made me want to honour her in a positive way and take some chances in life, and “Drive It Like I stove it”. I co-wrote this song with Milo Meskens while swapping riffs through my blasting 1986 Marshall JCM 800. Cause that’s how you write a real rock tune…

Anyone Still Listening :

This song originated from a bass-line our Bassplayer “Wouter Berlaen” came up with at soundcheck in Holland. I recorded it with my iPhone and that is the actual recording that ended up on the track. Lyrically I wrote it while I was doing a corporate gig and I saw everyone networking and not paying any attention to what I was playing. I started calling em out in the songs and they had no idea. Everyone was there to talk about themself, and made me pose the bigger question : Are we still listening to each other…

It’s all Been Done Before :

I co-wrote this one with Tim Toegaert after having a long talk about how we’re so caught up in trying to do something new, or when something bad happens to us, feel like no one has ever felt so bad. It liberated me and took loads of pressure off of a lot of things. We wrote it with two guitars. After seeing Quentin Tarantino’s “Once upon a time in Hollywood” I got home and started working on this 60’s sounding bassline which made the arrangement come to life, and took a detour in the bridge paying a little homage to Prince using the lindrum machine, cause hey , it’s all been done before anyway right.”

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