MODERN ERROR Return With New Single ‘Error of the World’

MODERN ERROR return with soaring new single ‘Error of the World’

Modern Error have today released their brand new single, the soaring ‘Error of the World’Their first since the release of mini-album, ‘Lost in the Noise’, in 2019 and their first for a new home, Rude Records.

Unashamedly drawing inspiration from the cinematic work of Kubrick and Aaronofsky, the philosophical cut and thrust of Nietzsche and beyond. An all-too-rare commitment to the idea that art can stand for something bigger than itself. Combine that with a superlative blend of stadium-bothering rock and post-punk abrasiveness and it is clear that Modern Error are, in almost every conceivable way, a band tailor-made for our times.

The Brothers Pinchin, Zak (Vocals) and Kel (Guitar), very much big picture thinkers themselves, have a desire for Modern Error to “make a statement about how we view the state of the world.

MODERN ERROR – ‘Error of the World’ (Official Music Video)

“Error of the World is a duality of audio and visual, expressing a sign of the times as a heightened modern world,” says Zak.

“Conceptually I wanted to to paint the picture of feeling isolated in a world more connected than ever, of where we are always cyberly in close proximity but forgetting the feeling of reality, connection and love. We rely on superficial things to feed us something good so quickly that I feel we become addicted to that hit, not thinking and forgetting what living means to each of us individually. We all seem to fall a victim to this way of living, and the song is me coming to terms with this and hoping for change.”

The video also sees the introduction of Flower Face – “a person hidden behind a mask of surface level beauty in order to cope within a real life setting. He looks upon little parts of the world through a hole in his surreal setting, where things begin to error and shift – we see our character as a victim of the modern age as it consumes him in an abstract way, leaving him in an internal blue abyss.”

‘Error of the World’ artwork