The Korporation is proud to announce the new MITHRIDATIC album, “Tetanos Mystique”, has been scheduled for a September 13 release date.

Three years after its impressive debut full-length, “Miserable Miracle“, soon followed by a full Europe tour with NILE and MELECHESH and a year after audio and video digital live album “He Who Lies underneath“, MITHRIDATIC return with a grim, sick and twisted new album, again mixed and mastered by Francis CASTE at SAINTE MARTHE studio (SINSANEUM, ARKHON INFAUSTUS, DEHUMAN…).

Based on books by Roger GILBERT-LECOMTE, Louis-Ferdinand CELINE and Charles BUKOWSKI, “Tetanos Mystique” is a neauseating beast of infectious Blackened Death Metal that twists rusted knives further into your soiled wounds, with a rictus sardonic and a fetish for madness, fever and disease, the absence of morale and the void you’re definitely not prepared for!

The album will be available as a 500 copies limited edition DigiPak CD first gprint and Digital along with new merch. Preorders will start August 5th.

You’ll find the complete track-list, line-up and list of links in the attached press release along with a band logo, picture and the album artwork by Florian DEVILLE. You’ll also find there links to the complete video digital live album “He Who Lies Underneath” and debut full-length, “Miserable Miracle“. Enjoy!

Please let also your readers / listeners know they can download their FREE copy of the band’s 2014 single, “The Hunt Is On” at the XENOKORP Store here or XENOKORP Bandcamp here.

Thank you very much in advance for spreading the word!

Your Alien Nemesises at the Xeno-Korporation.

Next through XENOKORP:

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  • MERCYLESS new album

…and more TBA!


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