London-based, soul-bluesman Mississippi MacDonald is a 3-times British Blues Awards nominee, from London, England and I am embarrassed to say this is my first encounter with his glorious take on the blues. 

This is an old school take on the blues, with wailing guitar bends that melt the mind and make you think that boys fingers must be in bits! Like many of the greats who lead the way before him, Mississippi does his own thing whilst obviously walking in the shadows of the greats and he does it very, very well. If you are a fan of the blue’s you’ll lose yourself in this album in no time at all. With flavours of the three King’s and beyond you just have to admire Mississippi’s touch, tone and technique as he rips his way across 9 stellar tracks as well as delivering a fine vocal performance that a lot of guitar players lack. The album is a joy to behold and to anyone who has even tried tackling the guitar you’ll know there is playing the blues and then there is “playing the blues” and Mississippi does the latter. 

We are very lucky in the UK to have such a rich pool of players of serious quality that we can call our own and Mississippi is another one for me, to add to that list (as I am very late to this party) but that’s the beauty about music. It arrives just when you need it the most, and let’s be realistic there are so many bands out there you’ll never know them all, but when a gem like Mississippi lands on your desk, you’ll not forget it. 

Do Right, Say Right drops Friday, Nov 19th Via APM Records. 




  1. I Was Wrong 4:46
  2. I Heard It Twice 3:36
  3. It Can’t Hurt Me 4:49
  4. Drinker’s Blues 5:59
  5. Let Me Explore Your Mind 6:28
  6. That’s It I Quit 3:16
  7. If You Want A Good Cup Of Coffee 5:32
  8. Keep Your Hands Out Of My Pocket 5:45
  9. Your Wife Is Cheating On Us 6:00




Mississippi MacDonald                 Vocals and Guitar
Phil Dearing                                      Keyboards and Guitar
Elliot Boughen                                 Bass
Mark Johnson-Brown                     Drums
Lucy Dearing                                    Backing Vocals
Produced by Phil Dearing
Mixed and Mastered at L Sound, London  ([email protected])


Website: https://mississippimacdonald.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mississippimacdonald/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mississippi.macdonald/

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