Misery Index - Rituals Of Power - Album Review
Misery Index - Rituals Of Power - Album Review10
Misery Index - Rituals Of Power - Album Review10
Misery Index - Rituals Of Power - Album Review10
Misery Index - Rituals Of Power - Album Review10
Misery Index - Rituals Of Power - Album Review10
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The American Death Metal heavyweights are back, with their 6th full length release, following up 2014s The Killing Gods, and this time they have the concepts around truth in their sights and are ready to bring their aggression and power to the fore in the exploration of using truths as a stranglehold on power and the pushing of so called truths, to those who adopt another’s view point of what it’s the truth.

The rawness and extreme take on Death Metal is clear from the first screeching of the guitars, along with a down tuned riff, and then a gruff and growling vocal begins to introduce those new listeners to what it is to be listening to Misery Index. This will be heavy and unrelenting Death Metal with a severe lean toward the brutal aspect.

As the second track kicks in ‘Decline and Fall’ the full power of the beast is beginning to warm up and pace speeds up to match, with rapid fire drums that pack a severe punch, matched by rotten meaty hooks and evil sounding lead guitar and topped with an authoritative and passionate vocal to put the cherry on this rather delightfully nasty slab of Death Metal cake, we really are listening to something special.

The 4-piece don’t let up, spewing the high levels of brutality across the 9 tracks, including many opportunities to join in with the vocal and venting some frustrations as you do. The drums beats lend themselves to some serious air drumming, that look like you’re having some sort of seizure, whilst the guitars will be played along to, with some serious gurning going in.

The album is pure power from front to back, providing a high octane, full force assault which is not only an attack on the ear drums, it is a well-constructed and carefully constructed total body attack. It is hard to select stand out tracks when all have their own identities and those are completely accomplished tracks in their own right.

Simply put this is a must have for any Death Metal fan, and a true contender for album of the year.

Ed Ford


Rituals Of Power is released 8th March 2019 via Season Of Mist.


Track List

  1. Universal Untruths (2:35)
    2. Decline and Fall (4:36)
    3. The Choir Invisible (4:26)
    4. New Salem (3:24)
    5. Hammering the Nails (3:46)
    6. Rituals of Power (5:20)
    7. They Always Come Back (5:08)
    8. I Disavow (4:21)
    9. Naysayer (2:26)





Jason Netherton: bass, vocals
Adam Jarvis: drums
Mark Kloeppel: guitar, vocals
Darin Morris: lead guitar

Available formats
CD Digipak
CD Digibox with extra’s
Vinyl in various colours

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