Minnesota Death Doom Unit Release Grandiose Debut MLP “Consumed By Oblivion” on 12″ Vinyl.

NOTE: a corelease between Sentient Ruin (US) and Everlasting Spew Records (EU).

We’re happy to present you with the vinyl release of Consumed by Oblivion the 2018 towering debut MLP by Midwest-based Death/Doom four piece Void Rot.

Hailing from Minneapolis MN, Void Rot are devoted to constructing massive and soul-consuming dirges of monstrous death-doom that is influenced by the glorious progenitors of majestic, atmospheric, and slow moving death metal like WinterRippikouluDisembowelment, early Paradise LostIncantation, etc.

With their debut MLP Consumed by Oblivion Void Rot unravel 15+ minutes of earth-shaking and telluric death-doom that erupts from the depths of hades and pulverizes into the cosmos, weaving ancestral death metal and atmospheric doom into a dismal and soul-crushing deluge of riffs to construct a sonic colossus of unseen enormity, which will be sure to please all fans of bands like Spectral Voice, Anhedonist, Inverloch, Indesinence, Krypts.


Officially released on January 9 2019, the LP will come as an etched, single sided black record housed in a custom black heavy cardstock cover + insert silkscreened with Pantone metallic bronze ink, and can now be pre-ordered at our store or Bandcamp. An EU version will be released with copper metallic ink through Italy’s Everlasting Spew Records.

Consumed by Oblivion has been acclaimed by critics with many outlets like CVLT NationLast RitesNo Clean SingingToilet ov HellNine Hertz and many more hailing it as one of the best death doom moments of 2018, and CVLT Nation listing it ints top 10 best death doom records of 2018.

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