Million Dollar Reload – Unfinished Business - The Empire Music Hall - Belfast
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Million Dollar Reload – One More Show – One Last Time – One Night Only

It’s a buzzing Empire Music Hall in Belfast for tonight’s highly anticipated gig which sees the return of one of the cities favourite bands, Million Dollar Reload are back for one night only.

It is great to see such a great turnout for the guys after all these years, formed back in 2006 the lads made a major impression on the N.I music scene and far beyond. Major waves were made and their devoted fan-base are out in force to show their love and support to this hard-rocking quintet. Tonight we have an extended runway out from the normal Empire stage, a first in my time coming here, reserved for the few no doubt.

First up tonight are Electric Vultures, a trio steeped in the Blues. An absolute gem of a band with a highly talented frontman, (who shall remain nameless as there is no information regarding the band on their FB page or elsewhere) and a seriously tight backbone from the bass and drums behind him.

Right from the off you knew these guys were not your average band, tight intricate guitar work and seriously tasty solo work demanded you attention. You get a real range of styles and influences from their set from Blues to Funk and beyond as they slam their way across an impressive set. A breath of fresh air it was a real treat to find such an unexpected and talented trio on the local scene. Ones to watch for sure, tasty slide work and Funked up groove-laden numbers made for a quality set, Electric Vultures are a force to be reckoned with. Remember the name people.

10:30 arrives and the volume is cranked up for ‘Back In Black’, the place is in fine form as they await Million Dollar Reload’s imminent arrival to the stage, the room now is crammed from front to back as people clamber to the front to get in the middle of it all. As the opening bars crank through the PA system and the lads do their thang front man Phil Conalane screams “Guess Whos’ back” the room goes wild. The original line up are back together and having a blast, Phil, Andy, Brian, Kie and Davy are giving it their all. It was like someone turned back the clock, the crowd are in fine voice too as they’re joining in from the first song to the very last. Duelling guitarists slaying their way across bitchin’ solo’s and even exchanging guitars whilst doing so, all the tricks are coming outta the bag tonight and the crowd is eating it all up.

It’s a truly international affair too as Phil commends those who have travelled far and wide to be here, Tyrone, Wales, UK, Argentina & Australia. Fair play, as previously mentioned the lads did make their mark and it shows tonight with the level of support and passion coming back from this sold out crowd. Each track just sounds bigger then the last, louder, faster more intense as the energy levels in the room go through the roof. Delicious groove-laden tracks with gargantuan sounding sing along choruses just intensify the experience. A very special night indeed with a unique band of brothers.

Million Dollar Reload, One More Show, One Last Time, One Night Only, done.

Photography : Marc Leach


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