Millie Manders AndThe Shut Up // Telling Truths, Breaking Ties // Album Review

Millie Manders And The Shutup drop their debut LP today and for those not in the know, it is an absolute banger! If you like your music in your face, unapologetic and high energy then these kids are for you. 

Right from the off you realize that the album is a melodic tour de force, Pop-Punk, Rock-infused tracks pack the album out, and with their beautifully written, hugely addicted melodies and sing-along chorus’ it is understandable why these guys have been building such momentum. The album openers ‘Your Story’ and ‘Broken Record’ just ht you right between the eyes and are over in the blink of an eye, ‘Here We Go Again’ sadly isn’t a cover of Whitesnake’s 1987 track but a blistering number all the same in the vein of the earlier two tracks, you get it all here, huge riffle, beautifully delivered vocals and horn’s filling out the airwaves to mix things up for you. 

No doubt as a female-fronted band there will always be comparisons to the likes of Paramore, Stand Atlantic but there are more vibes of the likes of No Doubt and the ballsy energy that Gwen Stefani tosses out on her recordings here, Millie comes across as a huge personality in line with the queens of the business, Skye Sweetnam for example of Sumo Cyco. They may be only releasing their debut album, but there is a lifetime of experience in the lyrics and musicality on display. The guys nail the angst and modern-day frustration across ten glorious tracks and there isn’t a weak one on the album. 

The album pulls no punches and tackles all the issues of the day with lyrics tossed out like bullets from a machine gun at times and the honesty within resonates with its audience, even more so in these absolutely crazy and testing times. We all need a band who aren’t afraid to share that frustration through their music, something for us to cling onto in these uncertain times so we feel understood and more importantly heard.

A debut album to be proud of for sure. Telling Truths Breaking Ties will announce their arrival like a blow to the chest. 

Out today, if you are in need of some fresh blood, look no further. 



Silent Screams

Your Story







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