Milan, Italy’s Deaf Lingo launch second studio album ”Lingonberry”

Milan, Italy’s Deaf Lingo launch second studio album ”Lingonberry”

“Grooves just as hard as it rocks. Filled with jarring guitars that are somehow almost as catchy as the chorus.”- If It’s Too Loud

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Combining melodic punk, lo-fi garage, and bittersweet indie, the release showcases a unique blend of alternative rock.

”Lingonberry” offers a fresh sound that’s both direct, zestful, and warm while communicating a sense of underlying, unfiltered downheartedness. Embodying themes such as alienation, separation, and apathy with a lively and energetic approach.

”Lingonberry” includes 10 new tracks. The album was recorded at EDAC Studio by Davide Lasala and Andrea Fognini, and mastered at Sun Room by Dan Coutant.

”Lingonberry” is released on all streaming platforms on the 29th of April, 2022.

The album will be available on red vinyl and transparent green vinyl in May.

Deaf Lingo:

Sandro Specchia – Guitars, Vocals

Yuri Ferrari – Guitars

Gabriele Zaramella – Bass

Mauro Ronchi – Drums

Back in the fall of 2015 Sandro Specchia (Low Dérive, Muruhuay) decided to record a few songs on a 4-track recorder in the flat he shared with a couple of friends in the outskirts of Milan. He would soon ask Yuri Ferrari (Muruhuay), Nicolò Arnoldi (Muruhuay, Marlo Tilt) and Fabrizio Patella (Marlo Tilt) to start a new band. The new project was named Deaf Lingo.

In the following weeks, they rented a basement under a pizza and kebab place, making it their headquarters. In October 2015, Deaf Lingo uploaded their first 3 songs as a full band on Bandcamp. “Split Pee EP” featured a distinctive lo-fi punk rock sound and allowed the band to start playing live shows in the Milan area.

In 2016, Mauro Ronchi (La Scatola Nera) and Gabriele Zaramella (Losing Traces) replaced drummer Fabrizio Patella and bassist Nicolò Arnoldi, who had left the band due to other ongoing projects. The new lineup went on working relentlessly on new material.

A few months later they entered CB Studio in Bergamo to record their first full length album, “BUG”. It consisted of ten tracks recorded live on an old 8-track Tascam 388. “BUG” was released as a 100-copies limited edition via Fatty Liver Records. At the release party the band struck a deal with Davide Speciani, head of One Chord Wonder, who committed to produce 200 vinyl pressings of the album.

Following the good reception of “BUG” and an ever-growing following, Deaf Lingo hit the road and added a long list of tour dates across Italy, France and Belgium. In 2019 their focusing on new songs culminated in the release of Friends/Failures, an EP that paved the way for their second full length.

Despite the pandemic, Deaf Lingo managed to release a split with the garage band Double Not and a song for the benefit compilation “KILLED BY BOREDOM – 27 Songs By Lock- Down Survivors” (OCW records). In March 2021, Deaf Lingo finally entered the studio to record their second full length, this time at EDAC in Como. The fruitful collaboration with Davide Lasala e Andrea Fognini brought a more mature sound that slightly departed from the lo-fi vibe of the previous works.

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