Mike Henneberger Shares First Look At Debut Memoir ‘Rock Bottom at the Renaissance’

You can check out the excerpt here!

On this first look Henneberger shares, “I feel a little guilty looking back at this memory, because I feel like I’m continuing the cycle of tricking kids into romanticizing New York City. And while it doesn’t end as romantically as most New York movies, it’s definitely super romanticized in my recollection of it. Possibly because it was the first time I felt like the fantasy could be real. And even though it didn’t turn out to be that time, I think you can tell in the rest of the stories that, as time moves on, the pictures are painted with less optimism. Which is something I am just realizing now. I’d like to say things get brutal enough in this book to dissuade any of my fellow romantics from chasing this fantasy, but I think we all know that they (we) aren’t going to listen. As painful as it is, we have to find out for ourselves. But, I suppose the silver lining (here I am, years later and still an optimistic romantic) is that, sure, you get the pain, but you also get the excitement and the adventure of a memory like this. I think that’s a good thing? But I’m honestly trying to decide whether I know it is, and I can’t.”
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