Midwest Emo & UK Hip-Hop Meet in Keeper’s New Single

Midwest Emo & UK Hip-Hop Meet in Keeper‘s New Single

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Nu-punk artist Keeper‘s latest single “Change” is truly a melting pot of sound with a blend of midwest emo meets UK hip hop, and a dash of pop punk. The song begins with an American Football-worthy guitar lick and a speedy vocal delivery before crashing into a full-frontal assault of a chorus.

In the music video for “Change” Keeper makes use of important imagery to convey the very serious undertones of the upbeat track. “I felt it needed a more realistic stand,” says Emanuel Andrade, the artist behind Keeper. “Things are bad right now, housing crisis, climate change, systemic racism. But through community, government pressure, and understanding you could start rolling the ball.

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Based in London, Keeper also plays guitar in the post-hardcore band Jack the Envious. With this project, he sticks to his roots with guitar driven riffs, but mixes it with his melodic, laid back, emo rap style vocal delivery. Having released his debut EP in March 2021, Keeper has since been featured on Alternative Press as one of their “40 Artists You Need to Hear.”

Taking influences from Hyper-Pop artists such as Glaive and Dorian Electra, as well as other alternative bands like Enter Shikari and Neck deep, Keeper, with the help of producer, Jon Cass, fuses his pop-punk, emo vibes with Hyper-Pop inspired beats.

Listen to the single “Change” now on Spotify.







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