Midnight // Rebirth By Blasphemy // Album Review

This is an album that seems to be causing a bit of a stir among the online Metal community, so I was excited to see this album land in my inbox.

Midnight began in 2002 when Athenar took on the role of vocalist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer, allowing him free reign of the creative aspects that would be recorded and released and there have been a good number of releases.

Having clocked up a selection of demo’s, EP’s, compilations, split releases, and 3 full length, 2017 saw the release of Sweet Death and Ecstacy which saw a large underground buzz and now Rebirth by Blasphemy sees the first release on Metal Blade Records and Athenar claims that this rebirth is a driving force about taking opportunities.

Kicking off with ‘Fucking Speed and Darkness’ the initial sound is that of Old School Metal, thrown in with a sprinkle of thrash. It sounds fast, raw and aggressive as the riffs begin to catch fire the feeling begins starts to feel darker as the shroud of Black Metal begins to descend.

‘Rebirth by Blasphemy’ follows up the opening track and certainly continues that Black Metal feeling, however, it also has an underlying groove that is novel and a very nice addition of this kind of sound. The vocal continues on it gravelly way in a punk/grind sounding way, adding an additional layer of musical brilliance to what is already a very impressive offering.

The 10 tracks fly passed as the 34 minutes multi-pronged assault satisfies every musical urge that you could possibly have, taking in the previously mentioned Black Metal, Grind, Old School Death and Thrash and throwing them all into a big Metal blender and creating this dark and twisted fusion of raw aggression that is rare to find and a lot of fun.

The underlying groove in most of the tracks is a pleasant surprise and welcome addition to the traditionally monotone approach, allowing for the guitar solos to soar and raise the feeling even more, although the harsher aspects of the sound still remain creating a fresh fusion.

Rebirth by Blasphemy is a raw and powerful yet musical and groovy belter of an album that will talk to the darker side of your musical soul whilst also pleasing your riff and solo side, creating a soundtrack that your toe will be tapping along with as you burn down the church.

Ed Ford

Rebirth by Blasphemy is released 24th January 2020 via Metal Blade Records

Track List

  1. Fucking Speed and Darkness
  2. Rebirth by Blasphemy
  3. Escape the Grave
  4. Devil’s Excrement
  5. Rising Scum
  6. Warning from the Reaper
  7. Cursed Possessions
  8. Raw Attack
  9. The Sounds of Hell
  10. You Can Drag Me Through Fird


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